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Ohio University Alumni Association's Statement of Solidarity

The Ohio University Alumni Association acknowledges the anger and hurt being experienced by members of our Bobcat family right now. You are not alone. We stand in solidarity with the Black community against racism, oppression, and injustice. We stand for human rights and equality. We will not stand silent as hate and inequality continue to plague our alumni, colleagues, friends, and neighbors.

Our values and our humanity call us to action. To create change, it is important that we all speak up, show up, act, educate ourselves, listen, challenge ourselves, and grow as individuals and as a community.

The Alumni Association, in partnership with our incredible alumni, including members of the Ebony Bobcat Network (EBN), is committed to discovering and enacting long-term solutions. We will always stand for inclusiveness, celebrate our diversity, create spaces for sincere dialogue and growth, and champion a culture where hate and racism are not tolerated. We commit to continuing to build scholarship and mentorship opportunities for our students and alumni of color.

There is more work to do. We’re listening, and we will do better.