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Senior Postcard Project

Senior Postcard of cherry blossom trees with text overlay "Bobcats forever"

When you enrolled at Ohio University, you were welcomed into a family of Bobcats that spans the world but is united through our shared experiences and our love for our alma mater and each other. Today, we are asking you to join us in welcoming members of our senior class into our family of Bobcat alumni.

Your Ohio University Alumni Association is launching a Senior Postcard Project, inviting all OHIO graduates to send hand-written postcards to members of our senior class. This is your chance to connect with the next generation of Bobcat alumni in a meaningful way – and at a time when they need it the most.

Alumni who sign up to participate in the Senior Postcard Project will be asked to send postcards to 15 Ohio University seniors. The Alumni Association will supply you with contact information for those students as well as blank postcards with pre-paid postage.

Your postcard message could include:

  • A congratulations on all of their achievements. (Since these postcards will be sent to the senior class, not just those who are graduating this spring, we ask that you refrain from mentioning graduation.)
  • A note of encouragement and reassurance that Ohio University alumni are invested in their success – today, tomorrow and always.
  • A mention of how excited you and your fellow graduates are to welcome them into our OHIO alumni family.
  • An opportunity to share with them how your OHIO journey continued long after graduation.

Bobcats care. Bobcats act. Bobcats impact. This is your opportunity to do all of that and more – with just a few heartfelt words, from one Bobcat to another.

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