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Experience the Arts Day

Experience the Arts Day

Mon., Oct. 13, 2014
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (registration begins at 8:30 a.m.)

Check back soon for Experience the Arts Day registration.


Have a passion for art, dance music or theater? Interested in a future in the arts? Wonder what it’s like to spend a day on a college campus focused on your potential major?

If you are a junior or senior and answered YES! to any of these questions, you should join us for this exciting day where you can:

  • Attend classes and/or rehearsals
  • Interact with faculty and current students
  • Learn more about your area of interest
  • Get answers to your questions about our programs
  • Explore our major options:
    • Liberal arts based Bachelor of Arts (BA)
    • Professional Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and Bachelor of Music (BM) 
    • Honors Tutorial majors offered in each discipline
  • Consider a minor, offered in each discipline

During Experience the Arts Day you can see what students do during a typical day in each School.


  • Experience Art + Design
    • Art History 
    • Graphic Design
    • Interior Architecture
    • Studio Arts-with a concentration in: Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture



  • Experience Dance
    • Modern Choreography & Performance


  • Experience Music
    • Careers in Music Day (part of the College of Fine Arts Experience the Arts Day)
    • Composition
    • Music Education (vocal & instrumental) 
    • Music Therapy 
    • Performance (vocal & instrumental) 
    • Performance/Pedagogy



  • Experience Theater
    • Performance (Acting) 
    • Management
    • Production Design & Technology
    • Playwriting



CLICK HERE to download a tentative 2013 schedule for an example of activities offered during Experience the Arts Day.

All events are FREE and open to students, parents, teachers and guidance/career counselors.

Registration is required due to space limitations. Please check back at a later time to register.








Please check back soon for on-line registration for 2014.



If you are attending Experience the Arts Day with a school group or organization, please DO NOT complete this registration form.

For details about group registration, please have your group’s chaperone contact Tina Deeter at 740.593.1812 or email her at

Need more information?
Maureen Wagner
Assistant Dean







Locations on Campus Map

College Green
TBAMA -- Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium (map #8)
East Green
Glidden Hall -- Music (map #40) "Careers in Music Day"
Kantner Hall -- Theater (map #30)
Putnam Hall -- Dance (map #41)
Seigfred Hall -- Art (map #39)
Lincoln Hall -- Fine Arts Residence Hall (map #45)



Experience the Arts

Tina Deeter

Records Management Associate, Dean's Office

Maureen Wagner

Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Arts for Ohio