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Welcome Back

Come Back to OHIO

Once a Bobcat, always a Bobcat! When we admitted you to Ohio University, it was because we believed in you! We still believe in you, and we hope you will return to complete your OHIO degree.

We look forward to seeing you again on campus, in the classroom, and in the classes that will help you graduate, earning the degree that will help you accomplish your professional goals.

The Bobcats Comeback Program

The Bobcats Comeback Program is designed to assist Ohio University students who have stopped out, are close to finishing an associate or bachelor degree, and have had a prior unpaid balance placed with the Ohio Attorney General office. This program creates an opportunity for students to receive academic and financial planning, re-enroll, and have a portion of their debt forgiven as they make progress towards earning their degree. To learn more about the Bobcats Comeback and if you might be eligible, please contact Jenny Klein at

Next Steps

  • 1. Submit Re-Enrollment Form

    Submit your re-enrollment form online. (A PDF is available if you need to send it by mail, fax, or email.)

  • 2. Contact Allen Advising

    Schedule an appointment with Allen Advising to discuss your OHIO comeback!

  • 3. Send Transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions

    If you have attended any other schools since your last Ohio University enrollment, send official transcripts from those schools to: 


    Undergraduate Admissions
    Chubb Hall 120
    1 Ohio University Drive
    Athens OH 45701


  • 4. Discuss Financial Aid

    Meet with an Ohio University financial aid counselor to develop and commit to a plan for paying for the remainder of your degree. 

  • 5. Check your MyOHIO Student Center

    Log into your MyOHIO Student Center to check for holds and to change personal information like address or phone number.

  • 6. Contact Housing & Residence Life

    If you plan to live on campus in Athens, contact Housing and Residence Life.


We never stopped believing in you.

We have been here since 1804, and we will still be here when you are ready to earn the degree that will help you reach your dreams. 


Undergraduate Re-enrollment Next Steps