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Professional Headshot of John Woodard. Smiling man with short red hair, wearing a navy suit jacket, mid blue collared dress shirt, fastened with a patterned yellow tie. He is standing in front of a wooden bookshelf with with books.

John R. Woodard “Woody”

APEX Accelerator Procurement Specialist
Akron Office: 526 S. Main Street, Akron, OH, 43111

John Woodard is the Procurement Specialist APEX Accelerator (Akron). He has years of experience in working with information systems, small businesses, agriculture, and local governments. His varied roles in technology, information, business development, marketing, operations, and program management give him a wide skill set to assist clients. John operates his own small business named Woodweyr Apiaries, LLC that provides pollination services and honey.

With an MS in Digital Sciences/Enterprise Architecture Kent State University and a MS in GIS/Geography from The University of Akron, John has strong knowledge of business and information technology fundamentals. This knowledge, coupled with a network of strategic business resources in the Central Ohio region, gives him a toolset to help most any business reach their potential.