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A photo of a smiling woman from shoulders up with dark, short hair wearing glasses, earrings and a navy blazer.

Allison Ricket

Assistant Research Professor and Director of Analytics, Impact Measurement and Management
Ridges Building #19 224

Allison L. Ricket, accredited by Social Value International, has led the SROI and Impact Measurement team at the Voinovich School. Ricket works with social enterprises, impact investors, nonprofits, foundations, and impact funds to measure and maximize their social, environmental, and economic impact. She leads a team to conduct SROI analyses for enterprise clients including Rural Action; Habitat for Humanity; and Franklin County and City of Columbus $10M Small Business Recovery Fund, a project measuring impacts to small businesses in central Ohio. Ricket advises national organizations and federal policymakers on impact measurement and leads the Body of Knowledge advocacy effort with Social Value US. Previous federal grant awards include multiple ARC POWER grants implemented alongside ecosystem partners.

Ricket was the Director of the Business Engagement with Career Awareness Network initiative for Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C), a nonprofit dedicated to building relationships across education, community, and business sectors to bridge the gap between education and employment. With BB2C she directed the organizational expansion effort to spread Community and Career Connected Learning across the Appalachian region. Part of her responsibilities as Director included coaching leaders of organizations to build efficacy in program implementation and capacity for scaling programming and organizational reach. A duel-role within the organization, Ricket also worked as BB2Cā€™s Educator Engagement Specialist, where she trained teachers in specific pedagogy aimed at involving local businesses and community in the classroom. Ricket worked in public schools in Appalachia Ohio for thirteen years previously.

Ricket researches asset-based and strengths-based approaches to rural community building; social entrepreneurial ecosystems; and approaches to lean impact data, and systems thinking and holistic approaches to community well-being, with an emphasis on measures that reinforce and strengthen healthy community ecosystems.

Ricket has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Ohio University, an M.A. in Holistic Education from Ohio State University, and a B.A. from Ohio Dominican.