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Nichole Mazzone Headshot

Nichole Mazzone

Environmental Specialist
Bldg 22 room 200

I am an Environmental Specialist with the Voinovich school of Leadership and Public Service. My educational background is on water quality research and watershed management. I received a Bachelor of Science at Wright State University Lake Campus, in Celina OH, where I concentrated on harmful algal blooms (HABs) remediation and prevention. Post-graduation, I worked as a Bioassay Analyst at Alloway Environmental Testing Laboratory enforcing water quality standards. In 2020, I returned to academia to complete the Master of Environmental Studies Program at Ohio University. In my current role as an Environmental Specialist, I focus on educational outreach, community STEM engagement, and Appalachian watershed support. I am grateful to be a part of the ongoing commitment Voinovich School has made to enhancing the livelihood of Appalachian communities in Ohio.