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Headshot of Christine McGill. Women smiling at the camera with long blonde hair, wearing a black suit jacket with a dark knit shirt.

Christine McGill

Project Manager Youth-Led Substance Abuse & Mental Health Prevention
1 Ohio University, The Ridges, Building 19

Christine McGill currently serves at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service as a Project Manager. In this capacity, she contributes to advancing the efforts of the Ohio Adult Allies Initiative, supporting Adult Allies to empower youth in creating positive community change. She has been committed to working with youth, their families, and other connected adults, both in urban and Appalachian communities. Her previous experience includes: the Upward Bound Math Science Program, Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships, school-based crisis intervention and prevention, community coalition work, and youth-led prevention as well as adult allyship. She has been linked with the Ohio Adult Allies network since 2018.

Christine, a first-generation college graduate, earned a Master of Social Work from the University of Kentucky and her BA in Sociology from Shawnee State University. She is a licensed social worker and an OCPSA.   

When not working as a project manager, Christine loves to get lost in books and create a dance floor wherever the mood strikes. Whether it’s rock climbing, weightlifting, or exploring new cuisines and places, she is eager to meet people and try new things. As in her professional endeavors, she has always believed in the power of people to change history through connection and aspires to embolden others to live in their power.