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Nathaniel Berger

Nathaniel Berger

Director at LIGHTS Regional Innovation

Nathaniel Berger joined the Voinovich School in October 2019 and has been with Ohio University since 2005. Nathaniel has worked with the LIGHTS Regional Innovation Network since 2016. Now leading as associate director, he serves a 26-county region assisting entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations focusing on product development, production, and related business activities. Nathaniel helps lead LIGHTS-INC, a new initiative based upon LIGHTS, to help bridge the gap between the regional recovery ecosystem with that of the robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Nathaniel has led over a decade of entrepreneurial support, with a focus upon information technology, prototyping, and creative applications in the commercial and educational realms, working in the digital arena since 1997, education since 1999, and in creative production since 2005. He has leveraged these experiences helping clients meet their goals through practical applications of workflows leveraging modern business strategies alongside digital technologies and prototyping tools. He has worked with small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, non-profits, artists, educators, engineers, and students to develop client and objective specific creative solutions for a wide variety of needs.

Before joining the Voinovich School, Nathaniel led major initiatives within the College of Fine Arts across 11 years, including the launch, operations, and grant-writing and funding of the Aesthetic Technologies Lab, and the CREATE_space, focusing upon creative technologies adoption and entrepreneurial activities for workforce opportunities.

Additionally, Nathaniel received his master's degree in Digital Visual Communication from Ohio University in 2016. He founded BBG, LLC, focusing on the gamification of activities via the creation and implementation digital tools, affording him opportunities to speak at the Midwestern Conference on Health Games, and international Games for Health Conference, among others. Nathaniel took home the 2012 grand prize in the Health 2.0 competition, and second place in the Google Android Developer Challenge 2. Additionally, he has been credited with help and contribution to the creation of notable international-touring art gallery experiences: SCALE and Biomodd.