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Honors Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies

Environmental challenges are complex and require creative, multidisciplinary solutions. Ohio University’s Honors Tutorial College Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree motivates students to blend scientific and cultural knowledge to grapple with choices and explore the tools needed to create a more sustainable world.

Environmental Studies with Honors

The tutorial program in Environmental Studies, through the HTC, is a unique model that creates opportunities for students to explore nature-society relationships in a highly interdisciplinary environment, drawing on faculty perspectives from the humanities, fine arts, social sciences, public health, physical and natural sciences, engineering, and communications. 

Applicants are selected by the Director of Studies and an Environmental Studies Program Admissions Committee in consultation with the Dean of the HTC. Applicants should have a superior academic record, but committee members also look for students who are highly motivated and exhibit the potential to conduct independent research.

The Tutorial-Model Environment 

A tutorial is a one-to-one academic engagement that allows intellectually curious students to learn alongside a renowned faculty member. Students enroll in one tutorial per semester, including a seminar introduction that is taken the first semester in residence. During year four, students use their final two tutorials to conduct original research and write a thesis. The remaining five tutorials are electives selected in consultation with the student's Director of Studies. 

The Voinovich School and the Honors Tutorial College are Partners for You

When you choose to pursue an HTC Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree, you’ll be supported by two Ohio University academic units, the Voinovich School of Public Service and the Honors Tutorial College. Combined resources and attention mean you’ll be able to build a strong foundation for graduate school or for a career in environmental consulting, sustainability management, public relations, community organizing, and even jobs that don’t exist yet or that you’ll help create.


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