Ohio University


How can my school's students participate in the event?

Ohio University welcomes all area schools to attend the event.  Presenters will be available to answer questions regarding their research, creative activity and scholarship.  A program of presentations and sessions will be available prior to the event.  Schools may allow students/classes to focus on certain sessions or to generally peruse all of the presentations.

When can we attend the event?

We would prefer schools to attend between 11:30am and 2:30pm.

How can I relate the event to our class studies?

Some recommended activities include:

  1. Having students write a technical report on a particular project.
  2. Having students write a news release of the event for the school paper. 
  3. Having students select a presentation of interest and conduct a literature search on the subject. 
  4. Having students judge the presenters using the judging criteria (see Presenters link). Have them discuss what makes a good presentation. 
  5. Inviting an Ohio University student (or faculty member) to your class to discuss their research, scholarship, or creative activity.

Will there be food available?

YES! Free pizza and beverages will be available!

Can our school receive funds to help defray the costs?

Yes. We have set aside funds to help with costs including busing.

Questions? Contact  male-bru@ohio.edu