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Celebrating OHIO's Class of 2023
Spring 2023 Student Stories

Spring Commencement 2023 Student Features

Congrats, grads!

Ohio University students are passionate, intelligent and driven. It's no wonder our alumni make a difference around the world.

Kayla Bennett

Kayla Bennett

Kayla Bennett grew up in Dayton, and knew OHIO was the right place for her the first time she came to campus.

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Anna Denman

Anna Denman

At OHIO, Anna found two ways to love history — through objects and the stories they illustrate and through rare documents and the stories they tell.

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Julie Doles

Julie Doles

Julie Doles chose OHIO's Chillicothe campus not only for its proximity to her Vinton County home and her job at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center but also for its affordability and high nursing pass rates.

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Jessica Grey

Jessica Grey

Jessica chose OHIO Chillicothe for its proximity to her Chillicothe home and for its affordability.

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Melissa Huff

Melissa Huff

With graduation approaching, Melissa is already planning her next steps.

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Ashley Labodda

Ashley Labodda

Ashley Labodda thought she was headed to medical school, until she found her way to Ohio University.

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Dannie Lackey

Dannie Lackey

Dannie, from McArthur, Ohio, is graduating this spring with her Associate in Applied Science in Nursing degree after completing her coursework at Ohio University Chillicothe.

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Laura Miller

Laura Miller

Because of her experience pursuing her undergraduate degrees at OHIO in the past, the University was the first place Laura looked when she decided to pursue a new degree in a field focused on enviornmentalism.

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Adelaja Oriola Oriade

Adelaja Oriola Oriade

Adelaja Oriola Oriade (Laja) is an international student from Nigeria working to ge this Ph.D. in Mass Communication.

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Ceci Rockwell

Ceci Rockwell

Ceci's ah-ha moment came to her as she was at orientation in 2019. She said she remembers feeling so welcomed after meeting with her advisors.

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Lucy Thompson

Lucy Thompson

After graduation, Lucy is excited to spend her summer at home with her parents in West Virginia, where she will bike and knit, before pursuing additional education.

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Alicia Weadock

Alicia Weadock

Following graduation, Alicia is attending OHIO's Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school.

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Miranda West

Miranda West

Miranda has been a paralegal for 22 years, but earning an M.A. in Law, Justice & Culture online has given her a heightened understanding of the law in relation to society.

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Brandon Schaefer, 2023 business graduate

Brandon Schaefer

Brandon Schaefer's advice for new Ohio University students: Do not miss out on the great opportunities you have available through joining organizations.

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Camryn Stallworth, 2023 Ohio University gradaute

Camryn Stallworth

Camryn Stallworth, a graduating senior who is from Cincinnati and is majoring in graphic design, is looking forward to what the future holds.

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Anastasiia Sakharova, 2023 Ohio University graduate

Anastasiia Sakharova

Anastasiia Sakharova has several incredibly fond memories from studying and living at OHIO, and they all have one thing in common: they involve friends made at Ohio University.

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Susan Ngbabare, 2023 graduating student

Susan Ngbabare

For Susan Ngbabare, the support and guidance provided by OHIO faculty and staff was invaluable, particularly as an African international student trying to navigate the complexities of studying abroad. 

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Jodie Penrod, 2023 graduating student

Jodie Penrod

Jodie Penrod's advice for new OHIO students: I would tell someone to not miss the opportunity to engage and immerse yourself in the learning process.

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Hayden Higginbotham, 2023 graduating student

Hayden Higginbotham

Hayden Higginbotham originally chose OHIO for the affordable cost, but soon came to realize that he made the right decision because of the people he would meet at Ohio University.

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Jessa Mickey - 2023 graduating student

Jessa Mickey

Jessa Mickey's advice for new students: "Never miss out on taking an opportunity that is outside of your comfort zone! You never know what you will end up liking or who you will end up meeting." 

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Re’Aija Grice, 2023 graduating student

Re’Aija Grice

Re’Aija Grice explained that her OHIO professors challenged her to take everything she was learning in the classroom and apply it to the real world, to make an impact on the communities around her.

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Suzan Abdelqader, 2023 graduating student

Suzan Abdelqader

Suzan Abdelqader is studying computer science and will graduate from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.

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Nicholas Hawes, 2023 graduating student

Nicholas Hawes

Nicholas Hawes is Engineering Technology and Management and graduating from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. 

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Cassidy Serger, 2023 graduating student

Cassidy Serger

Cassidy Serger is a Mechanical Engineering major and mathematics minor graduating from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.

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Nick Paolo, 2023 graduating student

Nick Paolo

Nick Paolo is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering and will graduate from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.

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Mackenna Brown, 2023 graduating student

Mackenna Brown

MacKenna Brown, from Chillicothe, is graduating from the Patton College of Education with her Bachelor of Science in Education with a focus on early childhood and elementary education.

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Emily Moore, 2023 graduating student

Emily Moore

Emily Moore, a preschool intervention specialist at Ross-Pike Educational Service District, is graduating from the Patton College of Education with a Master of Education in Reading and a Reading Endorsement. 

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Mackenzie Ridenour, 2023 graduating student

Mackenzie Ridenour

Mackenzie Ridenour knew what she wanted, and that Ohio University Southern was the place to get it.

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Jacob Howard, 2023 graduating student

Jacob Howard

Jacob Howard chose OHIO Lancaster for its affordability and proximity to home. He will be graduating summa cum laude this spring with a bachelor of science in communication studies.

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Jenna Cunningham, 2023 graduating student

Jenna Cunningham

Jenna Cunningham is the Vice President of the 2023 BSN Class, and a member of the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing.

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Kate E. Anderson

Kate E. Anderson

On the day of graduation, Kate E. Anderson will also be commissioning as an active-duty U.S. Air Force officer.

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Michaela Grubich

Michaela Grubich

After graduation, Michaela Grubich's next steps will be deciding on the career path that's right for her and relates to the field of criminal justice.

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Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis created an individualized, multidisciplinary degree in the Bachelor of Specialized Studies by combining mathematics and English.

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Ashley Stamper

Ashley Stamper

Ashley Stamper chose Ohio University Southern because she knew doing so would allow her to complete the criminal justice program entirely online, which enabled her to work full time while caring for her family.

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Lanaé Hobbs-Gazaway

Lanaé Hobbs-Gazaway

After graduation, Lanaé Hobbs-Gazaway with begin a store internship at Evereve in her hometown with plans to work her way up the management ladder.

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Camryn Zornes

Camryn Zornes

Camryn Zornes began her Ohio University Southern journey through College Credit Plus and enjoyed it so much that she decided to continue her education there — and now, she's graduating debt-free.

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