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Up for the challenge: Ohio University Southern student is Outstanding Graduate

Mackenzie Ridenour knew what she wanted, and that Ohio University Southern was the place to get it. 

“The staff is amazing. I had never met a bad student or staff member,” she said. “That gave me the assurance that it was the right school for me.”

Having a staff member she was able to lean on was important to Ridenour’s experience. 

“Monica Price was my advisor and such a blessing. I always felt she was in my corner, and that made such a difference in my last two years,” Ridenour said

And over the years, there were definitely challenges – but none she didn’t have the tenacity to overcome. 

“I had my son and started fall semester the next week,” Ridenour said. “I really felt that determination that I was going to finish no matter what. The hardest hill was at the end, just having the drive to finish.”

Ridenour not only made it to the finish line, completing her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, but did it with the distinction of being an Outstanding Graduate. To be considered as an Outstanding Graduate, a student must have a grade point average of at least 3.5, participate in university activities, serve the community through charity events and have been recognized in other areas, such as receiving awards or participating in research, and be recommended by a faculty member.

As for her favorite memories at Ohio University Southern, she said it was her Psychology of Personality course.

“I had such deep conversations with classmates that really challenged me, and we were able to push each other in the right direction throughout that semester,” she said. 

The experiences with classmates, she added, weren’t confined to coursework.

“I would tell a new student to not miss opportunities to make friends in class, whether it’s online or in person,” Ridenour said. “Make those personal connections because they’ll take you far.”

May 4, 2023
Staff reports