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Commencement Spotlight: Jodie Penrod

Jodie Penrod    
Patton College of Education
Ph.D. in Instructional Technology

What are your next steps or plans for the future?
After many years at Ohio University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (HCOM), I transitioned to chief information officer at Marshall University. After graduation, I plan to continue in that role and work towards transforming the student experience. Additionally, I plan to continue to research, publish, and present on higher education technology topics. Lastly and most importantly, I will spend more time with my two daughters, Jemma and Jessa.

What memory stands out from your time at OHIO?
I have a special place in my heart for the Athens campus, especially Heritage Hall. In my role, I led the technology design and implementation for the new medical education building. This project changed the course of my career and I’m so lucky to have worked with so many people across campus in support of this project! The Heritage Hall project was the catalyst for my dissertation research on classroom design and hybrid learning.

Why did you choose OHIO? 
I chose to apply to the Ph.D. program because it was a university employment benefit and I was interested in furthering my research and career in higher education. It was an excellent choice – the program and faculty are top notch!

Who were your favorite professors and how did they make an impact on your life?
Dr. Greg Kessler was my advisor and continuous support throughout my entire Ph.D. program. He made things happen and personalized the approach to my needs. Additionally, Dr. Krisanna Machtmes was so critical to my success when I was doing research and completing my dissertation. She was always available and supportive. Dr. David Moore and Dr. Jesse Strycker were also awesome professors to learn from and understand their perspectives and experience in instructional technology.

What was the hardest hill you had to climb (not counting Jeff Hill) at OHIO? And how did you overcome challenges or obstacles in your path?
Early in my program, the hardest hill to climb was pinpointing what research I wanted to focus on for my dissertation. However, many past Ph.D. students shared their experiences and it made it much easier to start going down the path for completing research and preparing for the dissertation. Then, all of a sudden, you are done! It all feels like a blur.

What are your favorite OHIO memories?
The best part of my Ph.D. experience was the friendships I made in the program. Most of my program was conducted virtually during COVID-19. However, I had a few other women that I stayed lock step with, and it made it easier to communicate, share thoughts, discuss principles, etc. 

What’s the one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss?
I would tell someone to not miss the opportunity to engage and immerse yourself in the learning process. As an older graduate student, I had an appreciation of the content and the learning experience, and discussing with my peers.

May 3, 2023
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