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Commencement Spotlight: Jessa Mickey

Jessa Mickey 
College of Health Sciences and Professions
Nutrition Science
Biological Sciences minor
ServSafe Certification 
Chillicothe Ohio
What are your next steps or plans for the future?
After graduation I will be attending Ohio Dominican University’s Physician Assistant Program in the fall 

What was your ah-ha moment at OHIO—that point where you said to yourself, “I’ve got this!”?
My ah-ha moment was a few weeks after the beginning of my freshman year.  I just remember being surrounded by my new best friends in Alden Library on a Saturday after being so anxious about my courses. We shared laughs, got to know each other, and we got to bond over our shared goals for the future. I knew that I was not alone in my worries and that I could do this! 

Why did you choose OHIO?  
I chose OHIO because of the community-oriented environment. It had a small town feel with ample opportunities for a variety of people. Just about everything is within walking distance and there are so many beautiful places to explore just outside of campus. 

Who were your favorite professors and how did they make an impact on your life?
My favorite professor is Angie Bohyer who I had for many of my nutrition courses. She always took the time to get to know her students and their individual passions. She helped me get through applying to master’s programs and when she couldn’t help, she would make sure to find someone who could. 

What was the hardest hill you had to climb (not counting Jeff Hill) at OHIO? And how did you overcome challenges or obstacles in your path?
I failed my first chemistry exam my freshman year. This forced me to reevaluate my education/ study methods from high school. I decided to join group study sessions and change the way I studied. The very next exam I was not only able to pass, but I was able to get an A. After that experience, I knew I could do it.

What are your favorite OHIO memories?
I have so many memories, but my favorites would be OHIO Homecoming, sledding down Jeff Hill on a snowy winter night, and spending sunny days in the College Green with my friends. 

What’s the one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss?
Never miss out on taking an opportunity that is outside of your comfort zone! You never know what you will end up liking or who you will end up meeting. 

May 3, 2023
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