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Commencement Spotlight: Brandon Schaefer

Brandon Schaefer
College of Business
Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics
Sales Certificate
Avon, Ohio

What are your next steps or plans for the future?
Post graduation I will be moving to Columbus for my new role as a business consultant in the financial services office at EY.

What was your ah-ha moment at OHIO—that point where you said to yourself, “I’ve got this!”?
My ah-ha moment was during my junior year in Luke Pittaway’s Ideation and Creation class. I won the class competition where we presented our MVP’s and business models in the style of an investment fair. Placing first really gave me the confidence I needed to reassure that I made the right decision in choosing entrepreneurship as my major, and has given me lots of exciting things to look forward to in the future. 

Why did you choose OHIO?
It really came down to three things, the campus, the network, and the College of Business (COB). When I toured this campus in high school I practically knew from that moment on that I would end up a Bobcat. The strong alumni network and fantastic College of Business were just the icing on the cake. 

Who were your favorite professors and how did they make an impact on your life?
Paul Mass, Amy Toth, Tom Marchase, Luke Pittaway, and Michael Geringer. Each of these professors and/or advisors had a tremendous impact on my experience at Ohio University, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow from them. 

What was the hardest hill you had to climb (not counting Jeff Hill) at OHIO? And how did you overcome challenges or obstacles in your path?
The hardest hill was certainly the adjustment period from high school to college. My first semester I remember I accidentally took 18 credit hours along with joining two organizations which took up a large amount of my time. Trying to balance everything felt extremely overwhelming at times, but looking back I am happy it happened as those experiences helped shape me into who I am today. 

What are your favorite OHIO memories?
In no particular order, I would say socializing with the lifelong friends I made in Emerging Leaders, Palmer Place Fest, and going golfing with my instructor/mentor Paul Mass at the Athens Country Club. 

What’s the one thing you would tell a new OHIO student not to miss?
Do not miss out on the great opportunities you have available through joining organizations. I would not have landed my job, met my girlfriend, or met my three best friends at college had I not taken the chance and pushed myself to get involved with the COB. 

May 3, 2023
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