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Students laughing in rain at involvement fair 2021
Division of Student Affairs
Impact Report 2021

Division of Student Affairs Impact Report 2021

Our Impact

Student Affairs operates through 12 unique departments, each serving students in a different capacity, but all of us working toward the same goals. We succeed when our students have their basic needs met, are engaged in self-discovery, strive for personal growth, and find their place as active members of a global community.

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Who We Are

Student Affairs is a body of minds, talents, and passions that are dedicated to the well-being of each person at Ohio University. We believe in our work, in each other, and in our shared purpose to educate, empower, foster inclusivity, and make OHIO strong.

We are connectors

We guide students to resources, experiences, and one another.

Provide mental and physical support. Guide student organizations. Cultivate a sense of belonging on campus.


We are activators

We foster inclusivity by prioritizing accessibility.

Advocate for safety and respect. Identify and care for at-risk students. Create spaces for community.

We are champions

We empower students to be citizens of a global community.

Mentor student employees. Educate and empower bystanders. Develop leaders.

Student Hierarchy of Needs

When we talk about well-being, we don’t just mean exercise or a good night’s sleep. We’re talking about the comprehensive individual — who they are, what they need, and how they identify in the world. We care deeply about the well-being of our Bobcats — we always have. It is our collective goal to ensure that each Bobcat who crosses our bricks discovers their potential and makes a meaningful impact.

Hierarchy of Needs (PDF)


What We Know

No two students are alike. At the same time, the experiences they encounter over a 4+ year period follow a trajectory that we know very well. As they are influenced by their peers, in-classroom learning, world events, and their own personal evolution, Student Affairs weaves our work into the student life journey using our influence to bring about the best possible outcomes for each Bobcat.

Across Four Years

What We Do

Student Affairs is here to connect, activate, and champion our Bobcats through each stage of their journey. We create opportunities, provide education, empower bystanders, and promote safety and respect as we care for each student who crosses our path.

Basic Needs

Securing physical and mental essentials to feel safe, secure, and free from bias.


Exploring one’s identity through reflection and experiential learning.

Personal Growth

Conscious investment in personal progress and fulfillment.


Impacting and building cultures through intercultural awareness and communication.