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Make It Known

Faculty and Staff


The faculty and staff of the Scripps College of Communication are a dynamic, talented and diverse group making contributions throughout the industry in myriad ways. If you know of a faculty or staff member doing important work, please let us know by submitting story ideas through our New Tips form.


Faculty and Staff Resources


Scripps College of Communication Committee Membership


Curriculum Committee
Greg Moeller (Ex Officio, Dean's Office)
Trevor Roycroft (ITS)
Hugh Martin (JOUR)
Beth Novak (MDIA)
Stan Alost (VICO)
Austin Babrow (COMS)
College Undergraduate Committee
Greg Moeller (Ex Officio, Dean's Office)
Phil Campbell (ITS)
Edith Dashiell (JOUR)
Brian Plow (MDIA)
Tim Goheen (VICO)
Jerry Miller (COMS)
College Scholarship Committee
Greg Moeller (Dean's Office)
John Hoag (ITS)
Mary Rogus (JOUR)
Josh Antonuccio (MDIA)
Sam Girton (VICO)
Dan West (COMS)
College Graduate Committee
Greg Newton (Dean's Office)
Julio Arauz (ITS)
Mike Sweeney (JOUR)
Roger Copper (MDIA)
Rebecca Sell (VICO)
Christie Beck (COMS)
Dean’s Advisory Committee
Joan Butcher (WOUB)
Trevor Roycroft (ITS)
Bill Reader (JOUR)
Jeff Redefer (MDIA)
Marcy Nighswander (VICO)
Roger Aden (COMS)
College Promotion and Tenure Committee
Scott Titsworth (Dean, Chair)
Andy Snow (ITS)
Marilyn Greenwald (JOUR)
Steve Howard/Karen Riggs (MDIA)
Julie Elman (VICO)
Laura Black (COMS)
Professional Ethics Committee
(S = Senate appt., D = Dean appt.)
Sam Girton (S - 2017)
Michelle Ferrier (S - 2018)
Eddith Dashiel (S - 2019)
Roger Cooper (D - 2020)
Julie Elman (D - 2020)
Bill Rawlins (D - 2020)
College Assessment Committee
Mark Brewer (WOUB)
Trevor Roycroft (ITS)
Aimee Edmondson (JOUR)
Drew McDainel (MDIA)
Tim Goheen (VICO)
Brittany Peterson (COMS) Fall 2017-/JW Smith (COMS) for Spring 2018
Greg Newton (Dean’s Office)
Greg Moeller (Dean’s Office)
Teaching and E-Learning Committee
Brittany Peterson (Dean’s Office/COMS)
Karen Riggs (MDIA)
Ellen Gerl (JOUR)
John Hoag (ITS)
Tom Hodson (WOUB)
Juan Thomassie (VICO)
Brittany Peterson (COMS)
International Programs Committee
Frederick Lewis, Chair (MDIA)
Ben Bates (COMS)
Yusuf Kalyango (JOUR)
Julio Arauz (ITS)
Atish Badia (WOUB)
John Grimwade (VICO)
Technology/Computer Lab Taskforce
Stephanie Tikkanen (COMS)
John Hoag (ITS)
Hans Myer (JOUR)
Jeff Redefer (MDIA)
Rebecca Sell (VICO)
Steve Skidmore (WOUB)
Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Committee
Atish Baidya (Chair & Chief Diversity Officer)
Laura Black (COMS)
Franklyn Charles (MDIA)
Patrick Evans (MDIA)
Zamzam Jama (COMS)
Gary Kirksey (VISCOM)
Jenny Nelson (MDIA)
Bill Reader (JOUR)
Mike Rodriguez (WOUB)
Trevor Roycroft (ITS)
Study Away Representative 
Wolfgang Suetzl (MDIA)

*Updated 1/30/18