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IIJ Events and Activities

Academic Writing virtual Workshop

Global Media Education Council (GMEC), India; South Asia Communication Association (SACA), USA; and the Institute for International Journalism (IIJ) organized a two-day virtual workshop titled “Storytelling for Academic Publishing: Manuscript Planning and Development.” The workshop was conducted two times during December 2021 (December 4 and 5; and December 27 and 28, 2021). For the first workshop, more than 100 people registered for the workshop, and 65 were invited. Certificates were given to those who attended the complete workshop; 24 certificates were given. For the second workshop, 155 people registered for the workshop, and all were invited. Certificates were given to those who attended the complete workshop; 34 certificates were given.

Virtual Web Security Training for Researchers, Students, and Journalists

  • A two-part web security training organized by IIJ, Freedom of the Press Foundation, and Center for Border and Global Journalism at The University of Arizona. The event was sponsored by the Commission on the Status of Women at The University of Arizona. 
    • Session 1: Web security webinar (open to the public), September 30, 2021: attended by around 30 participants. Upon request, twenty-one certificates were distributed to participants from nine countries (Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, India, Lebanon, Moldova, Pakistan, Rwanda, Ukraine).
    • Session 2: Advanced topics in secure communications and data protection, October 7, 2021: a small group advanced training attended by 11 participants. Participants included academicians and students from USA, Egypt, and Ukraine, and Professional journalists from Ghana, India, and USA.

Virtual faculty development program with JIMS

August 3-9, 2021

  • A faculty development program on “Changing trends in integrated communication research” was organized in collaboration with JIMS (Jagannath International Management School), India, and other partners. (Virtual, Synchronous)

Ohio University journalism and media international virtual Conference

July 30- August 1, 2021

  • Scripps School of Journalism has been involved with hosting the SUSI (Study of US Institute) program in the past for about ten years. IIJ organized a virtual conference targeted at engaging Scripps School of Journalism’s SUSI (Study of US Institute) alumni. The conference theme was “Online Education: Challenges and Opportunities.” (Virtual, Synchronous)
    • Thirty-three scholars from fourteen countries were included in the program as SUSI alumni presenters, invited presenters, and moderators (Countries represented: Bangladesh, Brazil, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Ghana, Greece Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, Tunisia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Zambia).

Women’s history month events

  • To celebrate Women’s History Month, IIJ collaborated with the Center for Border and Global Journalism at the University of Arizona and other partners to organize a two-part virtual panel series. (Virtual, Synchronous)
  • The first panel (March 20,2021) was titled “Focus on Research: Media Coverage of Rape and Sexual Harassment of Women in the Global South.”
    • The panel included panelists from the University of Arizona, Towson University, Future University in Cairo (Egypt), and the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh).
    • More than 300 people registered for the event from thirteen countries (India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Rwanda, UAE, USA). Around 40 participants Attended the session.
  • The second Panel (April 16, 2021) was titled “From Mob Censorship to Psychological Impacts: Online Harassment in Global Contexts.”
    • The panel included panelists from the University of Arizona, The George Washington University, the University of Nevada, and the University of Tulsa.
    • Forty-three people registered for the event from twelve countries (Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, France, Germany, Kuwait, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Romania, USA). Around 20 participants (including the panelists) Attended the session.

Virtual workshop and lecture series

January 16- February 7, 2021

  • IIJ organized a three-week hybrid workshop in collaboration with the University of Calcutta, India. (Virtual, Hybrid)
    • Ten trainers from Universities in the US, India, and Bangladesh.
    • More than 600 applications from 19 countries were received. Twenty-five applicants from 10 countries were invited (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Bangladesh, USA, Pakistan, Oman, Italy, Malaysia, and India); Participation certificates were given to seventeen participants.  
    • Following the training modules, a two-day virtual lecture series on Qualitative Research was also conducted during the fourth weekend (Virtual, Synchronous).
      • Five speakers from the US, India, and Bangladesh delivered lectures at the event.
      • 142 participants attended the event on day 1 for 15 or more minutes. 95 participants attended the event on day 2 for 15 or more minutes. 

South Asia virtual conference

  • IIJ and two other lead organizers from India organized the conference titled “Hundred Years of Media Education: Decoding the South Asian Mystique” in December 2020. (Virtual, Synchronous)
    • More than 40 collaborators that involved many academic and professional organizations (Countries represented: USA, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia).
    •  About 60 presentations, and 10 panel sessions with invited speakers
    • Participants from 12 countries (Countries represented: USA, Australia, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Egypt, Canada).
    • Academic publishing workshop with Kazakh National University: A virtual Workshop titled “Academic publishing and your manuscript” was organized in collaboration with the Kazakh National University on December 9, 2020. (Virtual, Synchronous)
      • Around twenty participants, primarily from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University took part in the event.

Curriculum modernization project for Polygon college, Nepal

  • IIJ worked with faculty members at Polygon College (Nepal) to help modernize the curriculum for their Master’s degree program in mass communication and journalism, 2020.
    • The review team included reviewers from Ohio University, the Kiplinger program at Ohio University, Kohat University of Science and Technology (Pakistan), and Shippensburg University (USA).

Three-part international web symposium

  • IIJ organized a three-part international web symposium titled “international media and covid 19: challenges for journalists and educators.” (Virtual, Synchronous), August-September 2020 (Virtual, Synchronous).
    • Overall, 670 participants attended the event for more than 15 minutes.
    • Panelists from Estonia, Ghana, India, Malta, Sudan, Egypt, Greece, Uruguay, Honduras, Romania, and the USA participated in the event. 

Other collaborations with IIJ as project partner:

  • Academic Partner: Faculty development program (April 15- April 27, 2021), organized by University School of Mass Communication, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, India.  (Virtual, Synchronous)
  • International Partner: International Communication and Artificial Networks (International virtual conference, India, 1-10 July, 2021), Organized by DME, NOIDA, India. (Virtual, Synchronous)

Fulbright scholar host program

  • IIJ Initiated a Fulbright Scholar host program in 2020.
  • E.W. Scripps School of Journalism will host Dr. Anotnio Momoc, Associate Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences at University of Bucharest, as a Fulbright Scholar in Residence in Spring 2021-22. He research will explore functioning of alternative media in USA; he will also be a guest teacher in the JOUR 8900 graduate seminar.

Global classroom initiative

  • In this program, IIJ will help invite international scholars as guest speakers to classes in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and will help other institutions, mostly outside the USA, to connect with speakers in the USA.

    • Invited Dr. Fabiana Piccinin from Brazil to discuss media coverage of COVID-19 in Brazil in the undergraduate News and Information literacy course in fall 2020-21.
    • Kevin Smith, Director, Kiplinger Program at Scripps School of Journalism, gave a virtual talk on media economics to a graduate class at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia in fall 2021-22.