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Alumna Spotlight: Logan Moore, BSJ, '20

Logan Moore graduated from Scripps in 2020.
Delaney Murray
March 16, 2021

Once a novice to the world of finance, Scripps alumnae Logan Moore has now worked in some of the biggest financial newsrooms in the country and continues to specialize in bringing practical financial reporting to her readers.

Moore attended OU between 2016 and 2020, graduating with a major in Journalism, a minor in Economics, and a certificate in Creative Writing and Poetry. Upon entering undergrad, she had no interest in economic writing until she took a basic economics course, and quickly her interest in the subject grew.

She interned for the Columbus branch of American Cities Business Journals (ACBJ) during the summer before her junior year, and after her initial internship, economics became much more intertwined with her reporting.

“I like being able to explain business to people, especially to young people, who might find it intimidating,” Moore said. “And as a woman in a male dominated field, (ACBJ) was my very first introduction (to finance).”

During her senior year at OU, Moore applied to the Dow Jones News Fund, and ended up not only being accepted into the Dow Jones program, but also the Wall Street Journal’s internship program. Moore was prepared to move to New York City, with her apartment already picked out and her rent paid, when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“The Journal gave us the option to give up the internship, which I was never going to do,” Moore said. “That was my dream, I grew up with that paper on my doorstep, we carve pumpkins on it to this day.”

Instead, Moore deferred the internship for three months, and in September she began working for one of the largest financial newsrooms in the world from her parents’ home. During her internship, she worked under WSJ’s market section and mainly reported on investing and pensions. After her internship, she got in touch with Beth Hunt, the director of editorial recruiting and development at ACBJ, and started applying for other positions. She ultimately ended up at The Jacksonville Business Journal in Florida, working as a banking and reporting reporter.

Now, she is adjusting to a much smaller newsroom – with just four other reporters and three editors, in contrast to WSJ’s massive newsroom – and is diving headfirst into her non-stop routine of writing multiple daily stories, requesting government documents, and working with national and local banks.

“I haven’t really had time to stop since I graduated,” Moore said. “It’s been go, go, go. I got my diploma in the mail and that was it.”

But Moore believes her current success would be nowhere to be found without the hard work and networking she put in when she was an OU student. Setting goals and putting in the work is something she encourages every current Scripps student to remember when working towards their future in the industry.

"I never thought I would ever work for the WSJ, but anything is possible,” Moore said. “I would go back and remind my little freshman self that if you work hard, you’re going to get it.”