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About the Award

Purpose – To encourage the media to continue investigative reporting activities that are not covered normally or in depth. The endowment will provide an annual cash award for outstanding investigative reporting throughout the country. The recipient will be invited to serve as a visiting professional in Ohio University’s College of Communication and hold a public lecture to discuss the award-winning story. The recipient may also be a visiting professional in other courses on campus as they relate to his or her expertise.

Eligible Recipients – Any single journalist or team of journalists from print media that publishes more than three times per week is eligible to receive this award recognizing major substantive reporting that covers stories intelligently and completely. These should be stories that raise public consciousness and/or awareness and take an extra effort to cover.

Geographic Location – This is a United States, national award.

Application – Applications are welcome from throughout the United States. In order to be eligible for the award, an application must be submitted. Nominations will be entertained; however, in those cases, the journalist or team of journalists will be asked to submit an application. Please visit http://www.shawards.org/ to apply online. 

Selection Process – A selection committee including at least one faculty member from the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism, one reporter from the State of Ohio, and three reporters or industry professionals from outside the State of Ohio will judge the Farfel Award submissions in conjunction with the Scripps Howard Foundation.

Frequency and Venue – The award will be presented annually at the National Journalism Awards presented by the Scripps Howard Foundation.