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I.  Purchasing Goods and Services [All purchases must comply with University Policy, and Affordability and Efficiency mandate.]

  • BobcatBuy: Most purchases should be made through BobcatBuy which includes the University's preferred suppliers. NOTE: Any catalogs in BCB indicate that the vendor is a preferred supplier.
    • i.  Tax Exemption: Ohio University is exempt from sales tax in most instances depending on the state and supplier. You can use this link to find the tax-exempt forms for purchases made in Ohio, 19 additional states and the District of Columbia.
    • ii.  Preferred Suppliers: The Board of Trustees and the Ohio Task Force on Affordability and Efficiency in Higher Education mandate all purchases be made using Preferred Suppliers if they are available.
    • iii.  Affordability and Efficiency in Higher Education: Learn more about why it is important to utilize BobcatBuy/Preferred Suppliers when making purchases.
  • Concur: Travel arrangements, travel reports and Pcard expense reports can be managed through Concur.
    • i.  PCard (Purchasing Card): Ohio University may issue a credit card to employees to be used for business purposes only. The purchases must comply with University policies and procedures, specifically Reimbursement for Official Travel and Entertainment and all Purchasing section policies. PCard applications should be completed and submitted to your Financial Manager.
      • All travel receipts/reconciliations must be made within 30 days or risk losing card privileges.
      • BCB is the preferred method of purchasing goods and services.
      • Non-compliance of PCard rules may result in the loss of card privileges.
  • Purchasing Guide: Use the Purchasing Guide to determine the allowable method for purchasing items or services using University funds. https://www.ohio.edu/finance/purchasing/purchasing-guide

II.  Monitoring your budget

III.  Handbook & Manuals

IV.  Human Resources

  • Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD): As an employee, you may be eligible for additional compensation when you complete services beyond your normal job duties. The Additional Compensation policy defines the types of additional compensation which is available and the conditions that must be met in order to qualify for additional compensation.
  • Pay Structures: Ohio University has three employee pay structures: the AFSCME pay structure, the Classified, Administrative and Professional Pay structure and the FOP pay structure. This applies to non-faculty positions only.
  • Performance Evaluation form (Word Doc): Ohio University employees set yearly performance goals which are discussed and evaluated to ensure employees are meeting performance goals and ultimately supporting OHIO’s vision.
  • Employee Performance Appraisal form (Word Doc)

V.  Office of Research


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