Join us Wednesdays at 5:00 pm at the Ohio University Baker Center Front Room for a topical discussion hosted by guest faculty speaker. Science Cafés and Café Conversations are venues for students to informally share their interests with faculty presenters, staff, and the community in a friendly setting.



Spring Schedule 2016

Jan. 20:  Winfried Just, Mathematics, "Spread of Contagions:  Diseases, Rumors and Mathematical Models", video

Feb. 3:   Natalie Kruse Daniels, "The Mining Legacyof SE Ohio:  Learning from Past Mistakes,"Environmental Studies/Voinovich School

rescheduled Feb. 17 Mar. 16 :  Ronan Carroll, Biological Sciences, "The Rise of the Superbugs", video

Mar. 23:   James Thomas, Physical Therapy, video


Fall Schedule 2015

Sept. 9: Todd Eisworth, Mathematics, "To Infinity... and Beyond!", video

Sept. 23: TJ Cyders, Mechanical Engineering, "Rage Against the von Neumann Machine: 3D Printing, the Future, and You", video

Oct. 7: Sarah Wyatt, Environmental & Plant Biology, "Anatomy of a Space Flight", video

Oct. 21: Nancy Sandler, Physics and Astronomy, "Physics of New Materials: From Lasagna to Pancakes and Back", video

Nov. 4: Anne Loucks, Biological Sciences, "Fitness, Fatness, Fractures, Fertility, and Food", video

Nov. 18: Jennifer Hines, Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Molecules...Museum...Action!", video

Dec. 2: Alicia Stigall, Geological Sciences, "Turning into Stone: a tale from life to death to the ultimate fossil"


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Café Coversations

Spring Schedule 2016

Feb. 24:  Brian Schoen , History, video

Mar. 9:  Josh Sosin, Classical Studies, Duke University, video

Mar. 30:   Loren Lybarger, Classics and World Religions, video


Fall Schedule 2015

Sept. 30 : Richard Vedder, Economics, "America's Leaders: You're Harming Our Future", video

Oct. 28Stan Alost, Visual Communication, "Nobody Wants to See That- Images that Disturb and Our Freedom to Know", video


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