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Science Café

Café Series

Join us Wednesdays at 5:00 pm at the Ohio University Baker Center Front Room for a topical discussion hosted by guest faculty speaker. Science Cafés and Café Conversations are venues for students to informally share their interests with faculty presenters, staff, and the community in a friendly setting.

The FY2017-18 Line Up will be posted by August!



Fall Semester 2016
Sept 7:   Daniel Phillips, Physics, "Symmetries in Nature:  A Key to the Subatomic World", video
Sept 21:  Sarah Hormozi, Mechanical Engineering , "The Physics and Future of Cornstarch", video  
Oct 5:   Guy Riefler, Civil Engineering; John Sabraw, Art, "Acid Mine Drainage: From Environmental Disaster to Art", video
Oct 19:   Claudia Gonzales-Vallejo, Psychology, "Why'd I Do That?  Exploring Decision-Making Processes", video
Nov 2: Movie Night, "Popped Secret: The Mysterious Origin of Corn"
Nov. 9Catherine Early, Biomedical Sciences, "Dinosaurs, dodos and ducks:  A bird's-eye view of brain evolution", video  
Nov 16:   Gurgen “Greg” Hayrapetyan, Mathematics, "Math, Zombie and the Language of the Universe," video
Nov 30:  Cancelled

Spring Semester 2017
Jan 18:   Joseph Shields, Professor, Physics & Astronomy, "The Quest for Supermassive Black Holes," video
Feb 1:  Brian Clark, Professor, Biomedical Science, Director OMNI, "Age of Champions: Healthy Aging in the 21st Century," video
Feb 15:   John Bowditch, Director, The Game Research and Immersive Design (GRID) Lab, Scripps College of Communication, "Disrupting Reality:  Immersive Media at Ohio University," video
March 15:   Gerardine Botte, Distinguished Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, "Electrons for Sustainable Manufacturing," video
March 29:  Canceled

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Café Coversations

Fall 2016 Schedule:
Sept. 28:   David Mould, Professor Emeritus, Media Arts and Studies, Publish (maybe) Perish:  The Dangers of Journalism in Shady Regimes, video
Oct. 26:   Aimee Edmondson, Associate Professor, Journalism; John Grimwade, Assistant Professor, Visual Communication. Inside the 2016 Election:  Data Visualization, video

Spring 2017 Schedule
Jan. 25:  Rajko Grlic, Distinguished Professor, "The Constitution and How I Wrote It," video
Mar. 22:  Andy Alexander, Scripps Howard Visiting Professional, Journalism. "President Trump and the Battle for a Free Press," video

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