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Civil Infrastructure Laboratory

Brief Description of equipment:

The Ohio University Civil Infrastructure Laboratory (OUCIL) is a mobile facility housed in a semi truck equipped with state of the art equipment that allows researchers to conduct in-depth on-site investigations of the health of pavements, bridges, structures, etc.By enabling the on-site testing of material properties, the laboratory reduces the chance for distorted results that can come from settling of material specimens during long-distance travel.The OUCIL is used for in-situ studies, forensic studies of pavements, load rating determinations of bridges and culverts, and so on.Much of the actual laboratory work conducted on the truck is performed by graduate students, who gain valuable empirical experience while using state-of-the-practice equipment to collect the best possible data for their research projects.
2013 Freightliner m2 106 mobile laboratory 39 ft in length weight 33,000 gvw

Capabilities of the equipment:

Capabilities include ground penetrating radar, falling weight deflectometer, dynamic cone penetrometer, data acquisition systems for collecting response data from instrumented pavements, coring equipment for collecting pavement specimens, specialized pipe and culvert monitoring equipment, and so on.Additional capabilities planned in the future include a gyratory compactor, equipment to test the quality of crushed stone aggregate, a weather station, video traffic detection, visibility testing for traffic control devices, compression test equipment for Portland cement concrete, a simple performance test device for testing asphalt concrete, the ability to monitor pile foundations and spread footings, quality assurance/quality control of construction work, and the collection of accurate data required by current data modeling methods.

Location of equipment:

Academic & Research Center

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Shad Sargand

Email: sargand@ohio.edu

Training/technical help available?

Yes. ORITE operators will run equipment and oversee use.

Fees for use of equipment?

Contact Russ Professor Shad Sargand

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Civil Infrastructure Laboratory

Last Updated: 05/11/2016