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Budget Preparation - B05


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) Sponsored Programs Manager (SPM) collaborates with Ohio University faculty and staff in the development of grant budgets. This procedure outlines the basic principles of a well-organized budget. The approved budget for the award summarizes the financial aspects of the project or program as approved during the award process. The budget should flow logically from the proposal narrative. It is important to remember that a budget is an estimate of costs to be incurred during the performance of the project. The development of a comprehensive and accurate budget is crucial to the success of a proposal, as sponsors and their reviewers are trained to discern inappropriate budgets.

This procedure outlines the proper handling of selected items of cost. For Federal grants OHIO will ensure compliance with 2 CFR §200 OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards.


This procedure applies to all sponsored projects subject to OU Policy 19.045 Administering External Grants and Contracts set up as separate accounts in the OHIO Financial Management System (FMS).

Sponsor Guidelines

Sponsors often have very specific guidelines for the preparation of budgets. The guidelines may limit the maximum costs or exclude a specific category, such as equipment. Such guidelines should be followed explicitly during proposal development. The ORSP SPM will review the guidelines of each proposal opportunity and provide guidance to the PI/PD for appropriate categories of cost.

Selected Budget Line-Item Categories

This section provides guidance on how to treat commonly used budget categories.

Cost Sharing or Matching

Budget Justification Narrative

Fixed Price Agreements


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1 Year Budget Template

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FY24 Only Budget Template

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2 CFR §200