Ohio University

Budget Preparation

Budget Preparation Resources

  • Benefit Expense Rates Fringe Benefit rates include Group Health Insurance, Medicare, Workers' Compensation, and Retirement. Information regarding Graduate fee waivers may also be found in this document.
  • Salary Calculation Worksheet [PDF] : A quick reference guide containing information about benefit rates, time breakdown of academic, calendar and summer months, and other pertinent information needed when preparing a budget for a granting agency.
  • Part-time and Overload Teaching Rates : Memo from Provost regarding part-time and overload teaching rates.
  • Travel Information:
    • Finance Travel Information : Information regarding per diem rates for domestic travel and link to the Travel Expense Report (Microsoft Excel) for planning purposes. (All staff Travel Expense Reports should be done within Concur with no Excel form.)
    • Ohio University Policy 41.121 Reimbursement for Official Travel and Entertainment : Ohio Revised Code 126.31 enables employees of the University to be reimbursed for actual and necessary travel and other expenses incurred while on official business inside or outside the State of Ohio if authorized by the University. This policy outlines the procedures and authority for expenditures and reimbursement for official travel of University employees and students.
    • Ohio University Policy 03.015 Travel Advances : This policy provides for advances to be issued only when an employee is traveling with a group of students and a P-card or Controlled Value Card cannot meet the student's travel expenses; or if an employee is traveling to a remote geographical area where a P-card or Controlled Value Card is not accepted.
    • Concur : Cliqbook/Concur is an online system which allows you to make your travel arrangements, submit your travel expense reports, and update your purchasing card transactions.