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Current Correctional Education Students or Advocates

Academic Advising

Once a student has been admitted to our program, an academic advisor is assigned. Students will receive a welcome packet explaining details of the program and recommendations for courses. The academic advisor provides direction on course or degree selection and requirements, information on general processes, and a personal connection to the University. Students will write to their academic advisors on a regular basis to advise them of changes or challenges they are experiencing.

Contact your Academic Advisor

Communicating With the Instructor

All communication between the student and instructor must be facilitated through the student’s academic advisor. If the student has a question about a lesson or when he or she will receive a grade, the student should contact the academic advisor first. The advisor will contact the instructor on behalf of the student. Any parent, sibling, or advocate for the student also should direct questions to the academic advisor instead of contacting the student’s instructor.

Permission for Family Members

Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, educational records are released only with written consent and request of eligible students except, in accordance with the law, to authorized persons within the University and to authorized agencies outside the University. Students may grant permission for family members and friends to contact our office on behalf of the student only after the Consent to Release Education Records form is received in our office from the student.