Center for Law, Justice and Culture earns Experiential Space Designation

Published: January 30, 2023 Author: Staff reports

The Center for Law, Justice and Culture (CLJC) has received the Experiential Space Designation for the 2022-23 academic year from Ohio University’s Center for Advising, Career and Experiential Learning.

A total of 13 spaces were designated to highlight and promote awareness of – and access to – experiential learning opportunities, while also broadening student engagement.

Applicants for the designation were required to demonstrate how the space met the criteria of interdisciplinarity, authentic context, student ownership of learning, deep engagement, and facilitated reflection.

The Center for Law, Justice and Culture is located in Bentley Hall 001B — on the ground floor which occupants happily refer to as the “garden level.”


Students fill the center for a special guest
Students fill the center for a special guest.

CLJC administration and students worked collaboratively on the application.

“The CLJC is open to a diverse student body with a variety of majors and overall differing opinions. The academic and professional opportunities provided to students through CLJC allow them to create, form and build on their law, justice and culture-related ideas,” said Ayden McDougle, a first-year student studying political science pre-law.

Megan Taylor, a third-year student studying history pre-law with a political science minor and certificates in War and Peace and in Law, Justice and Culture, said her involvement in the CLJC "has impacted my college career, and it will only continue to do so in my future endeavors.” Having immersing herself in numerous CLJC curricular and co-curricular offerings, Taylor serves on the executive board of the Ohio University Mock Trial Team and is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity and the ACLU of Ohio University.

The CLJC and all of the spaces receiving the Experiential Space Designation were notified in early January 2023.

"The part of being director of the center I love most is probably sharing this little corner of Bentley Hall with our student body. Whether they're studying, meeting alumni, prepping for trials, or eating lunch, it's inspiring to work beside them,” said Kevin Uhalde, associate professor of history in the College of Arts and Sciences and CLJC director.


Larry Hayman in his office
Larry Hayman, Esq.

“Student engagement is an important part of the work that we do at CLJC. We are thrilled that our office, which provides an interdisciplinary space for students to develop so many critical skills, has been recognized with this designation,” said Larry Hayman, Esq., director of legal engagement and the pre-law program at the Center for Law, Justice and Culture and the Center for Advising, Career and Experiential Learning.

Designated Experiential Spaces will receive $500 in award funds to elevate the space, signage to showcase the designation, and promotion to current and prospective students.