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Associate in Individualized Studies Major (A.I.S.)

Program Overview

If you wish to pursue a two-year program of study in a field other than those available through one of the other University College associate degree programs (Associate in Arts—Arts and Humanities Emphasis Major (A.A.), Associate in Arts—Social Sciences Emphasis Major (A.A.), and Associate in Science Major (A.S.)), you may design your own program of study to meet particular goals through the Associate in Individualized Studies (A.I.S.) degree program. The A.I.S. is available to students on all Ohio University campuses.

The Associate in Individualized Studies requires your Tier I first year English composition course and quantative skills course. Additionally, your application must outline your intended course of study, and it must include a proposed area of concentration consisting of two or more subject areas

An A.I.S. Academic Advisor on your campus can assist you as you create your A.I.S. application. Also see the Specialized Studies Major (B.S.S.)  for a four-year multidisciplinary and individualized major program.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

To enter the Individualized Studies program, you must complete an online application. Students may obtain access to the online application from University College, regional campus, or e-Learning advisors, who will advise the student in designing their Area of Concentration. Applicants must also work with two approved A.I.S. faculty partner reviewers preparing the application. The A.I.S. application deadlines are identical to the B.S.S. deadlines and are reviewed by the same committee. Twenty hours of A.I.S. degree residency is required, which begin the semester in which the A.I.S. application is submitted by the required residency application deadline.

Change of Program Policy

To submit an application for admission to the program, you must currently be registered as a degree-seeking student. To graduate with an Associate in Individualized Studies degree, you must:

  1. Earn 60 hours.
  2. Earn at least 20 hours after admission to the A.I.S. program (degree residency requirement).
  3. Complete 15 hours of general education coursework including the following Ohio BRICKS Courses.

    a. Foundations: Written Communications course (FWC)

    b. Foundations: Quantitative Reasoning (FQR)

    c. Pillars: Social or Behavioral Sciences (PSBS) or Arches: Connected World (ACNW)

    d. Pillars: Natural Sciences (PNS) or Arches: Natural World (ANW)

    e. Pillars: Humanities: Texts & Contexts (PHTC) or Pillars: Humanities: Arts (PHA)
  4. Complete an approved area of concentration, consisting of at least 20 hours, which has coherence and educational purpose equivalent to an established degree program. At least 50 percent of coursework for the A.I.S. area of concentration must be completed at Ohio University.
  5. Earn at least a 2.0 GPA in the area of concentration and overall to earn the degree.

A maximum of 15 credits earned through the Experiential Learning Program may be applied to the A.I.S. degree.

External Transfer Admission

Students who transfer to Ohio University from another institution may apply to the Associate in Individualized Studies, following the procedure for application described above. Transfer students should be aware of the A.I.S. residence requirement of 20 hours (hours completed as an A.I.S. major) and the need for at least 50 percent of their major (area of concentration) to be satisfied with Ohio University course work, as well as the Ohio University Residency requirement of 20 hours for an associate degree.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Because the curriculum plan in the Associate in Individualized Studies is unique to each student, depending on the student's educational and career goals, potential opportunities upon graduation vary with the student.

Academic Catalog

The academic catalog provides additional information about curriculum and courses for this major.
Academic Catalog

Program Details

Associate in Individualized Studies


Administrative Contact

Julie Cohara, Director of Degree Programs/contact person