Administrative Staff

Barbara Harrison
Assistant Director for Community Engagement, Campus Involvement Center , 355 Baker

Candice Rios
Graduate Assistant for Community Engagement

Chelsea Foster

Graduate Assistant for Community Engagement


Community Ambassadors 2015-16 - CAs work as partners to build community in the off campus neighborhoods.  They will conduct bi-weekly door to doors during the academic year to provide students with information about how to adjust well as a "good neighbor" within the City of Athens. CAs also plan and implement a variety of community engagement related activities for OHIO students to participate in. Some areas of focus this year will be:  OHIO Farmer's Market , Campus Wide Voter Registration Drive, and a variety of service events.  We hope you'll get involved !

CA map 2014-2015Resized

Community Ambassadors: 

Emily Brandenburg
Alexander Calmus
Michael Firlotte
Michael Fraser 
Michael Grossi
Katie Hermann
Karissa Jones
Alyson Mitchel
Thomas Salas
Katherine Pinter
Jazmin Robinson-Smith
Benjamin Rottersdam
Shayna Siegel 
Erick Starkey
Evan Taylor 
Alexandrea Hergarty








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