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All J-1 Scholars: Health Insurance

Federal J visa regulations require all J-1 and J-2 visa holders to carry health insurance for the entire duration of their program. 

Coverage Requirements

The insurance must meet or exceed the following requirements:

Coverage Type

Minimum coverage

Medical benefits  (per accident or injury)


Repatriation of remains


Medical evacuation


Maximum Deductible (per accident or illness)


Purchase Options

If you will receive a salary from Ohio University, you may be eligible for insurance benefits.  If so, you will sign up for your insurance after your arrival, when you attend your Human Resources orientation. Please note that insurance must be provided to ISSS within 30 days of your arrival. If your orientation is scheduled outside of that time frame work with your department to facilitate your insurance. 

If you will not receive a salary from Ohio University, you must purchase health insurance on your own.  You have three options:

Option 1:  Purchase the Ohio University student insurance plan.  To make this purchase, you will need to work directly with the student insurance office on campus. 

Option 2:  Purchase a J-1 Exchange Visitor appropriate policy from one of the following known companies.  (Please note that Ohio University does not endorse these companies.)

Option 3:  Find and purchase a different policy that meets the minimum requirements.  You will need to provide the policy details to ISSS at check-in.  If we determine that the policy does not meet the J-1 regulatory requirements, we may not accept the policy.  In that scenario, you must either purchase a new policy or purchase additional coverage.