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Former J-1 Students: Academic Training Reporting

While pursuing Academic Training (AT), you remain in J-1 status, and Ohio University continues to maintain your SEVIS record. Because of this, certain J-1 reporting requirements must continue to be met.

Change of Address

You must report any new residential address within 10 days of moving. Please remember that you must report your physical address, you cannot report a Post Office (P.O.) Box. To report the new address to SEVIS, you must go to your MyOhio Student Center and update the “SEVIS US” address. Find instructions here [PDF].

Change of Phone Number

You must report a new personal phone number within 10 days of the change. Find instructions here [PDF].

Change of Employment

If you are considering finding a new job while you are using AT, it is very important that you reach out to ISSS for guidance. AT authorization is only valid for the specific job and employer for which it was issued. To change employers, you will need to notify ISSS before ending your current employment. You must have the new job offer before ending your current job, and there cannot be a gap between jobs. A new AT request will need to be submitted to ISSS. Please remember that all work must be related to your degree.

Change of Status

If you successfully obtain an H-1B (or any other) visa status during your AT, please report it to ISSS by using the Report New Immigration Status eform in iCats.

Travel Outside the US

If you will travel and return to continue your AT employment, you will need to request a travel signature. You may request this via iCats. You will also need a valid J-1 visa stamp in your passport when you return to the US. (Canadian citizens are exempt from this requirement.)

If you will depart the US and intend to forfeit the rest of your AT, please send an email to to notify us of your departure date, and to ask that we terminate your SEVIS record. This will allow us to create an accurate employment history for you in SEVIS.