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Late Arrival

What To Do In Case of a Late Arrival

Reminder! The directions below are only for students who have been APPROVED for late arrival through ISSS. 

Please review the below steps and if you have questions or concerns, please email

Step 1: Report your arrival to ISSS 

Log in to iCats and scroll down to the gray “Requests” banner. Click on the entry that starts with “Admitted Fall…”. Complete and submit the “Confirm Arrival” eform.  

Step 2: Update your “SEVIS US” address and your phone number in your MyOHIO Student Center 

To do this, please follow the steps outlined in this tutorial. You can also refer to the following folder for step by step instructions.  

ISSS cannot report your arrival to the government until you have taken the above steps.  

Step 3: Watch the 10 Rules video from orientation 

10 Rules for F-1 students

10 Rules for J-1 students 

Step 4: Complete 10 Rules Quiz 

Take the 10 Rules Completion Quiz by logging into iCats and finding the quiz under "International Office" on the left-side menu. You cannot register for classes until you have reviewed the videos and finalized the quiz.  

ISSS cannot remove your registration hold until the above action is completed. Please allow 1 business day for ISSS to remove the hold. 

Step 5: Get your Bobcat ID Card  

Your Ohio University ID card is used to verify your status as a student, faculty, or staff member in good standing. You also can use the card to take the Athens Public Transit bus for free. You can get your ID by stopping by Bobcat Depot, located in Baker Center on the 1st floor behind the escalators.  

Step 6: Update your Outlook calendar!

  • Open Outlook calendar - you can navigate to and open the calendar using the calendar icon on the bottom (or side) of the screen

  • Click on your name - it often looks like a circle with your initials in it (mine says DC) 

  • Click on the cog/wheel for settings 

  • Click on time and date 

  • Click the drop down for EST (USA/Canada) 

Step 7: Pick up your welcome bag! 

We have a welcome bag for you! Please stop by the ISSS office (address below) between the hours of 8am and 5pm (we are closed for lunch from 12-1pm) to pick up your bag.

Yamada International House

56 E. Union Street

Athens, Ohio

Have a graduate appointment? 

If you have a graduate appointment, you’ll need to follow the directions on the HR webpage for new student employees. You can find that site here

Review the dependent presentation if you have dependents 

Students with Dependents can watch the recorded presentation and reach out if they have additional questions.