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Peer Advisors

Looking for guidance about Athens and Ohio University? Trying to find off campus housing? Have a question best answered by a current student?   

Our team of peer advisors will support you and your fellow incoming international students prior to and during orientation! 

The peer advisors offer a contact for questions or concerns you may have, and support or guidance as you manage life in Athens, Ohio and begin to navigate your first semester at Ohio University. 

ISO Email Manager
Michael Oyedokun

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Languages I Speak: English (Expert), Yoruba (Expert)

What I Do: I am currently a doctoral student at the School of Communication Studies

About Me: A young academician, fueled by a profound passion for both teaching and research, driven by the belief in the transformative power of communication, and guided by a commitment to fostering understanding and connection across diverse cultures. I firmly believe that effective cross-cultural communication serves as the cornerstone for bridging divides and nurturing harmony in our global community. I am constantly engaged in the pursuit of knowledge, exploring innovative avenues to unravel the intricacies of media dynamics and communication phenomena.  

Beyond academia, I am excited to leverage my expertise in communication to effectively connect with our community, disseminate valuable information, and cultivate a vibrant online presence. I am committed to providing prompt and attentive support to students' inquiries and messages. Recognizing the importance of timely communication in fostering a supportive academic environment, I prioritize efficiency and responsiveness in addressing queries. 

ISO Off Campus Housing Coordinator
Isatou (Aisha) Secka

Country of Origin: The Gambia

Languages I Speak: English, Wolof, Pularr, and Mandinka

What I Do: I am pursing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at the Patton College of Education, Ohio University.

About Me: I am an educationist, women and youth development activist, and a social justice advocate. I have work experience from both private and public institutions in The Gambia in the areas of student services, human resource management, data collection, analysis and reporting. I have a strong interest in the interface between policy, planning, programming and the practice of educational transformation within the context of socio-economic development. To this end, I have been engaged in initiatives to address educational challenges in various capacities, including teaching, educational administration, coaching/ guiding and counseling of students, and educational policy development, teacher education and supervision, girls and women’s education.

ISO On-Campus Housing/Arrival Coordinator
Shatakshi Semwal

Country of origin: India

Languages I speak: Hindi and English

What I do: I am a doctoral student in Communication Studies at Scripps College of

About me: I have always had a passion for connecting with people and creating a sense
of community. I believe in equality and diversity and am passionate about creating an
inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and valued. I am also an
advocate for mental well-being. College can be tough and it's important to take care of
ourselves and each other.

When I am not busy making graduate life the best it can be, you will find me exploring the
new places near nature or whipping up some treats in the kitchen. Yep, you guessed it, my current hobby is baking!
I am excited to help you navigate this crazy adventure we call college.

ISO Arrival Coordinator
Joshua Osondu

Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages I Speak: English, Asante Twi

What I Do: I am pursuing a dual major, working towards a PhD in instructional technology
and a master’s degree in educational research and evaluation.

About Me: I firmly believe that the most fulfilling form of love involves freely giving,
helping, and supporting others, even when compensation is involved. I live by the motto 'I
exist because you do.' Additionally, I am deeply passionate about integrating artificial
intelligence into education and evaluation processes.

ISO Front Desk Manager
Jessica Chima

Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages I speak: English, Twi

What I do: I am pursuing a master's degree in African studies. I also work with the Center for
International Studies as a Graduate Assistant.

About Me: I am Ghanaian and Nigerian. I love listening to music and reading novels. My favorite
writer is Chimamanda Adichie. I love learning new languages. I can speak a little Spanish and I am
currently working on learning the Igbo language. 

Zainab Abdulai

Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages I Speak: Dagbani, Twi, Ga, Hausa, English

What I Do: MA International Studies (African Studies) Student and President of African Student Union.

About Me: Zainab Abdulai, a Ghanaian student at Ohio University, is the president of the African Students Union and a cultural consultant with the Ohio Valley International Council. Her leadership skills, passion for promoting diversity, and dedication to fostering cross-cultural understanding make her an invaluable asset to her university and community. 


Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages I Speak: English, Fante, Twi, Sign Language

What I Do: I am a first year Masters Student in Educational Leadership at the Patton College of Education, Ohio University.  

About Me: I have six years of experience in working as a Project Director with Compassion International, Ghana with rich skill in organizational leadership, time management, teamwork, planning and coaching. I am intentional about whatever I do to impact the lives of others, especially marginalized individuals. Playing jazz drums and keyboard is my passion. 

Serene Ben Hassen

Country of Origin:  Tunisia

Languages I Speak: I’m fluent in Arabic, English and French.

What I Do: I am a graduate student pursuing a master’s in applied Linguistics. Alongside my studies, I work as a graduate teaching assistant for the Department of Linguistics.

About Me: I love learning languages, exploring new cultures, and trying different foods. I am currently learning Turkish and Spanish. 

Parwana Hamdam

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Languages I Speak: I can speak Dari, Pashto, Hindi, Urdu, and English, and read and write Arabic.

What I Do: I am a first-year Ph.D. student focused on Health Communication at Scripps College of Communication.

About Me: I believe in equality, respect, and diversity. I love street food, exploring the local market of different countries, and spending time and talking with Mobina Jan (My MOM).


Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Languages I Speak: English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu

What I Do: I am a 4th year PhD student at the Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science (EECS)

About Me: I am an easy-going person who loves to be able to help people and learn from any
and every kinds of experiences. I like to travel, watch movies and am fascinated by how
cultures from around the world can be so different, yet so alike!

Salima Jallow

Country of Origin: The Gambia

Languages I Speak: I speak Pulaar, Wolof, Jola, Mandinka and English.

What I Do: I am a first-year doctoral student at the Patton College of Education,
Educational Leadership Program.

About Me: I am a dedicated and compassionate person, driven by a sincere desire to assist others. Building meaningful, mutually exclusive relationships is my forte; I am distinguished by an unwavering dedication to integrity and inclusivity, which fosters environments where all individuals feel valued, empowered, and welcomed. I love spending my free time reading, being creative, or going on outdoor adventures.

Kanayo Kojima

Country of Origin: Japan

Languages I Speak: Japanese, English

What I Do: I am perusing a master's degree in Sociology.

About Me: I love interacting with and learning about different cultures. I
also like to share my country's culture and traditions. I enjoy playing the
ukulele and walking around Athens in my free time. My dream is to travel
and make friends all over the world!

Aazadi Fateh Muhammad

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Languages I Speak: English, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi

What I Do: I am a third-year doctoral student in EW Scripps School of

About Me: I am a devoted believer in God and advocate for peace, as well as a
proud mother of two lively and sweet children who constantly keep me on my
toes. I eagerly seek out opportunities to learn and lend a helping hand,
whether it's in small gestures or significant ways, to alleviate the burdens of
others. My research interests revolve around the role of new media in society.

Zoya Fateh Muhammad

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Languages I Speak: Sindhi, Urdu, Hindi, and English.  

What I Do: I am a second year Masters student in the Communication and Development Studies Program at the University of Ohio.  

About Me: Hello there! I'm Zoya Fateh Muhammad, currently pursuing a Master's in Communication and Development Studies at Ohio University. Originally from Pakistan, I also hold a Master's degree in English literature from the University of Karachi. In my professional journey, I've served as a senior research assistant at Aga Khan University and as a Communication Officer for Empowerment thru Creative Integration (ECI) Pvt Ltd, contributing to impactful social change and development projects, particularly focused on women's health and empowerment.  

Despite being an introvert, my commitment to social change has led me to collaborate with various local and international organizations, providing valuable insights into communication dynamics across diverse settings. On a personal note, I find solace in the pages of a good book and behind the lens of a camera. I'm an avid photographer, capturing moments and stories with a keen eye for detail. Outside academics, you'll catch me experimenting with Instagram reels and stories, embracing the transformative power of social media. 

Felice Munroe

Country of Origin:  Guyana, South America

Languages I Speak:  English, Spanish and conversational Portuguese.

What I Do:  Masters of Latin American Studies

About Me: I am a modern languages educator. I love socializing, exploring new cultures, listening to Spanish and Portuguese gospel music. I enjoy singing at karaoke even if my skills aren't top-notch. I'm also unafraid to hit the dance floor, despite lacking in dance prowess. However, I'm most passionate about is teaching and advocating for women and girls.