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Peer Advisors

Looking for extra support as you begin your academic journey?  

During orientation you will be matched with a peer advisor and a small group of international students as you navigate orientation and your first semester. Peer Advisor profiles are shown below and you can meet them in our virtual pre-orientation meetings this June! Look for an email from iso@ohio.edu for more information. 

The peer advisors will offer a direct contact for questions or concerns you may have, and support or guidance as you begin to navigate your first semester at Ohio University. 

Esther Aulis-Cabrera

Esther Aulis-Cabrera

Country of Origin: Mexico

Languages I Speak: Spanish and English

About Me: I am a 4th year Undergraduate studying English: Creative Writing and Political Science with a certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. In my free time I enjoy watching K-Dramas, Turkish Dramas, and Telenovelas. I enjoy cooking and love to try new recipes.

Deependra Budhathoki

Deependra Budhathoki

Country of Origin: Nepal

Languages I Speak: Nepali, English, and Hindi 

What I Do: Doctoral candidate in mathematics education. I work as GA in Curriculum and Instruction Department. I also do research and conduct professional development programs for mathematics instructors.

About Me: Leadership is my passion. I worked as a student leader back home. I am currently working as the ISU president.

Mary Magdalene Chumbow

Mary Magdalene Chumbow

Country of Origin: Cameroon

Languages I speak: English, Swahili, and French

What I Do: Apart from being an ISFS peer advisor, I am an instructor of record in the Media Arts & Studies Department, teaching a social media certificate capstone class.

About Me: I am a digital media content creator, raising the most amazing son in the world, and being the best version of myself every day. I am always with the brightest smile and loudest laughter in the room - there never is a dull moment with me in anyone's life 😅

Raijai Franklin

Raijai (RJ) Franklin

Country of origin: United States

Languages I Speak: English

What I Do: I am a Senior studying Child and Family Studies and Linguistics. In the future, I would like to teach English in many different countries around the world. I work with the Women's Center as an office assistant and the Office of Multicultural Student Access and Retention as a Peer Mentor for incoming freshman. I am also a part of the Black Sheep Improv Comedy Troupe!

About Me: In my spare time, I love walking around town and listening to music! I have a passion for learning about new cultures and languages, while also teaching others about my own!

Khudu PA photo

Keamogetse (Kea) Khudu

Country of origin: Botswana - Africa

Languages I Speak: English, Setswana, Shekgalagari and a little Afrikaans.

What I Do:  Second Year Doctoral Student in Counselor Education and Supervision and Graduate Assistant, Counseling and Higher Education - Patton College of Education

About Me: A lover of peace, plants and dogs. Beyond being a counselor and being part of Students’ Unions, I love dancing, cooking and being in nature. I am a makeup artist and a co-host on a podcast called Kgosigadi Chronicles. I enjoy creating spaces where individuals feel seen and heard (a counselor by heart).

I tend to laugh out loud and smile a lot (when I’m not stressed).

Jia Hui (Recca) Lee

Jia Hui (Recca) Lee

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Languages I Speak: Mandarin, English and some Malay.

What I Do: I am a junior studying Applied Nutrition. I am a part of OHIO’s Global Ambassador team who loves to assist prospective and incoming students to learn more about student life at OHIO.

About Me: I love walking around campus and be surrounded by trees and bustling college life. I also enjoy hearing stories and experiences from people of different cultures. In my spare time, I like to paint or just hang out with friends outdoors.

Faustina Mensah

Faustina (Faustie) Mensah

Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages I Speak: English and Fante/Twi

What I Do: Apart from being an ISFS peer advisor, I am the Graduate Assistant for Assessment and Academic Improvement (Patton College of Education).

About Me: I am full of positive zest, living and loving my college experience at Ohio University to the fullest! I love talking about student success. In addition to my high involvement with leadership and advocacy, you can also count on me anytime to have a conversation or answer any question about navigating graduate school and living in Athens!




Amaka Mokwunye

Amaka Mokwunye

Country of Origin: Nigeria

Languages I Speak: Ibo and English

What I Do: I am a senior majoring in Environmental Health Science as well as growing a business.

About Me: I enjoy road trips and always up for the next adventure. Being a mum to three amazing kids has increased my love for outdoor activities, going to the cinema, and creating new food recipes as I'm a food enthusiast.

Thomas Opiyo Okumu

Thomas Opiyo Okumu

Country of Origin: Kenya

Languages I Speak: English, Swahili, and Luo

About Me: I am a first year student at the Center for International Studies undertaking my Masters in International Development Studies and majoring in Development and Health. I am also the Academic and Research Secretary for African Students Union (ASU). Apart from this I love my continent and my country. My hobbies are being adventurous and helping people.

Jackline Otieno

Jackline Otieno

Country of Origin: Kenya

Languages I Speak: English, Dholuo, and Swahili

What I Do: Pursuing a master’s degree in public health, I am also a Student Success Advisor at the office for Multicultural Students Access and Retention (OMSAR)

About Me: I am a social person. I like meeting new people and making friends. I love dancing listening to music and watching movies. In as much as am an extrovert, sometimes I just love being alone😊.

Sarah Todak

Sarah Todak

Country of Origin: United States

Languages I Speak: English and Japanese (elementary)

What I Do: I’m a Senior studying Journalism Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing and a certificate in Social Media. I’m a part of Backdrop Magazine, Thread Magazine, BobcaThon, and I’m an Ohio University tour guide.

About Me: I love to make jokes and laugh with people! I am always up for both a crazy adventure and just laying around relaxing. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, paint, play games, and study at cafes or the library.

Safiya Ahmed

Safiya Ahmed

Country of Origin: Iraq

Languages I Speak: Arabic & English

What I Do: I am a PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering/ Structural Engineering. I work as a TA in the Civil Engineering Department/ Stocker Center.

About Me: I enjoy travelling, driving, hiking, kayaking, drawing, painting, playing badminton, and soccer. I am always up for a new adventure. I also love cooking, baking, and playing video games.