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Peer Advisors

Looking for guidance about Athens and Ohio University? Trying to find off campus housing? Have a question best answered by a current student?   

Our team of peer advisors will support you and your fellow incoming international students prior to and during orientation! 

The peer advisors offer a contact for questions or concerns you may have, and support or guidance as you manage life in Athens, Ohio and begin to navigate your first semester at Ohio University. 

Byan Almogbel

Byan Almogbel - Off Campus Housing Coordinator

Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia

Languages I Speak: Arabic and English

What I Do: I am a doctoral student in Higher Education and Student Affairs.

About Me: I am an artist and that is a fulfilling part of my life. I like meeting new people from different cultures and sharing ideas. I also love reading and cooking. 

Reedwan Habib

Reedwan Habib - Arrival Coordinator

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Languages I Speak: Bengali, English, German (elementary), Urdu (intermediate), Hindi (intermediate)

What I Do: I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Political Communication Studies. I work as a graduate teaching assistant for the Department of Communication Studies.  

About Me: I like to explore new cultures and travel to new places. I advocate for equity. 

Samuel Paul Gyamfi

Samuel Paul Gyamfi - ISO Email Manager

Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages I speak: English and Twi

What I Do: I am pursuing a Masters in Mathematics. 

About Me: I enjoy music, talking and listening to people when I am not doing rigorous Math.  I love meeting and sharing experiences with new people, cooking and trying out new recipes. I believe unique opportunities present themselves rarely and its mostly for people who are prepared for them, and so I strive to be prepared at all times.  

Collins Simat Ketere

Collins Ketere - ISSS Front Desk Lead for ISO

Country of origin: Kenya

Languages I Speak: Masai, Swahili and English

What I Do: I am a graduate student pursuing a master's degree African Studies. I also work with International Students Union as a Graduate Assistant.

About Me: 

  • I have a diverse range of interests. I am passionate about music and enjoy listening to different genres and styles. Building relationships with others, as I value networking. I have a curiosity and appreciation for diversity and enjoy learning about new cultures. Additionally, I have a particular fondness for nyama Choma, a popular grilled meat dish in East Africa, and finally I love English Premier League Arsenal specifically.
Ava Whitaker

Ava Whitaker - On Campus Housing Coordinator

Country of origin: United States

Languages I Speak: English. Conversational Spanish, Arabic, and Italian.

What I Do:  I am an undergraduate student majoring in Psychology with a Diversity Studies Certificate.

About Me: Although I was born in Ohio, I lived in Saudi Arabia for eight years and Italy for two years. Some of my favorite things are hanging out with friends, spending time in nature, art, music, coffee, my rescue dog Kimi...and traveling!

Hayden Kajfasz

Hayden Kajfasz - On Campus Housing Coordinator

Country of Origin: United States

Languages I Speak: English and some Spanish

What I Do: I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biological Sciences and I hope to go to medical school to become a doctor.

About Me: I am extremely passionate about creating new friendships with those all around me. I absolutely love the outdoors and I am constantly traveling, especially to Central America. I have a deep passion for helping people whether that's being a good friend, being a good listener, and in the future, saving lives.

Sabiha Mahbuba

Sabiha Mahbuba

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Languages I Speak: Bangla, English. I also understand and speak a little bit of Hindi and Urdu.

What I Do: I am a Ph.D. student and a Graduate Teaching Associate in the Department of Communication Studies under the Scripps College of Communication.

About Me: I love meeting new people, hanging out with friends, traveling to scenic places, being within nature, enjoying the rain with a hot cup of Bangladeshi milk tea, and spending time with my cat. I am also a henna art enthusiast.  




Parwana Hamdam

Parwana Hamdam

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Languages I Speak: I can speak Dari, Pashto, Hindi, Urdu, and English, and read and write Arabic.

What I Do: I am a second year Masters student in the Communication and Development Studies Program.

About Me: I believe in equality, respect, and diversity. I love street food, exploring the local market of different countries, and spending time and talking with Mobina Jan (My MOM).

Ronette Albert

Ronette Albert

Country of Origin: Guyana

Languages I Speak: English, French, and Spanish

What I Do: I am a graduate student in the Latin American Studies programme.

About Me: I am a teacher of modern languages. I love singing and cooking and I enjoy traveling and conversing with others.

Aazadi Fateh Muhammad

Aazadi Fateh Muhammad

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Languages I Speak: English

What I Do: I am a PhD student in Journalism in the EW Scripps School of Journalism.  

About Me: I am passionate about knowing people and cultures. I believe in having dreams and leading with hope. I find unity in diversity. I am the also the mother of two super active, naughty, and lovely kids. 

Isatou Secka

Isatou Secka (Aisha)

Country of Origin: The Gambia

Languages I Speak: English, Wolof, Pularr, and Mandinka

What I Do: I am pursing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at the Patton College of Education, Ohio University. 

About Me: I am an educationist, women and youth development activist, and a social justice advocate. I have work experience from both private and public institutions in The Gambia in the areas of student services, human resource management, data collection, analysis and reporting. I have a strong interest in the interface between policy, planning, programming and the practice of educational transformation within the context of socio-economic development. To this end, I have been engaged in initiatives to address educational challenges in various capacities, including teaching, educational administration, coaching/ guiding and counseling of students, and educational policy development, teacher education and supervision, girls and women’s education.

Israt Tania

Israt Tania

Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Languages I Speak: Bangla, English

What I Do: I am currently pursuing a master's degree in Philosophy. 

About Me: I like to make friends from different cultures and spend time with them. I enjoy exploring new places and eager to learn about new cultures, food and languages. I love re-watching Friends and reading Harry Potter.

Pembayun Pujiastuti

Pembayun Pujiastuti

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Languages I speak: Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Japanese

What I Do: I am studying for my Master's in Asian Studies. 

About Me: I'm a second-year master's student of Asian Studies, specialized in political economy. I love travelling to new places, enjoying the nature, and watching movies.