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ISSS/CLDC Collaboration:  

Over the past two years, International Student and Scholar Services have been working closely with members of the Career Network to build a sustainable partnership. Our department wanted to address some of the specific challenges international students face when it comes to career development, and empower them with the tools and skills necessary to confidently navigate the process. We believe this partnership supports the goal of providing international students with high-quality and exceptional career and leadership development. 

After identifying similar goals, and realizing just how much our work aligns, we decided to collaborate with one another and work together to enhance career and leadership resources for international students and increase engagement with CLDC services. We collaborate on several events on an annual basis that allow us to answer a variety of common questions and concerns that our international students may have. We may also refer them to the CLDC for their coaching services, as they are cross-trained to support the unique career development needs of international students.

Award Recognition:  

Recently our department and the Career Network received the American College Personnel Association’s Commission for Career Services Group Innovation Award for our joint project, the International Students Professional Development Conference. It was an honor to see our hard work pay off, as we were able to combine our strengths and skill sets to produce a successful conference that set international students here at Ohio University up for great opportunities in their careers ahead.  

By utilizing each of our departments networks and resources, we were able to create a conference environment that allowed for innovation, creativity, and student engagement, which ultimately led to our international students feeling much more confident to ask for help and expand their knowledge in the career development process. Our students even had the opportunity to hear from international alumni who shared their own experiences about the work authorization process and barriers they faced along the way. 


CLDC/ISFS Collab Leadership


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