Premium Rates and Coverage Periods


*New policy year begins*

Fall 2023


Open Enrollment Period: 8/10/2023 through 9/15/2023

Effective Dates of Coverage: 08/20/2023 through 12/31/2023 


     Student: $1,138.00

     Spouse:  $1,138.00

     1 Child:   $1,138.00

     All Children: $2,276.00



Spring 2024


Open Enrollment Period: 12/18/2023 through 2/2/2024; See Important Note below

Effective Dates of Coverage: 1/1/2024 through 5/11/2024 


     Student: $1,121.00

     Spouse:  $1,121.00

     1 Child:   $1,121.00

     All Children: $2,242.00


Important Note:

The Student Health Insurance Office will be closed 12/22/2023 - 1/3/2024 for the University Winter Closure and Holiday Break. 

After registering for Spring semester, students voluntarily enrolling in the Spring 2024 coverage period are encouraged to submit their enrollment forms beginning 12/18/2023 and return them prior to 12/22/2023. This will provide the best chance of having the form processed prior to the University Winter Closure so benefits are active by 1/1/2024. All enrollment forms are processed in the order they are received. 




Summer 2024


Open Enrollment Period: 4/29/2024 through 5/31/2024

Effective Dates of Coverage : 5/12/2024 through 08/19/2024 


     Student: $839.00

     Spouse:  $839.00

     1 Child:   $839.00

     All Children: $1,678.00


Important Note:

Students not enrolled in Summer semester credit hours are eligible to voluntarily enroll themselves and their dependents in the Summer coverage period during Open Enrollment. 

*Students not enrolled in any credit hours for Summer semester will be required to prepay the Summer premium amount(s) to their student account prior to their enrollment form being processed. A prepayment portal is available through the Finances section of the My OHIO Student Center during Open Enrollment. 

Voluntary enrollment requires submission of an enrollment form during the Open Enrollment Period.

Voluntary enrollment coverage does not automatically continue.