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Participants dance and waive the flags of their nations during the annual International Street Fair 2015.

Welcome to the Office of Global Affairs and International Studies

Ohio University Office of Global Affairs and International Studies (OGAIS) is the University’ central hub for all things global – be it global education and research, student and faculty mobility, international students and scholars, and global partnerships. Aiming to transform the University’s teaching, learning, research, ethos, and network to be globally engaged and competent, OGAIS works closely with campuses, colleges, administrative units, faculty, staff, students, and partners across the university and the world. OGAIS helps Ohio University become nation’s best transformative learning community, creating and supporting global leaders.  

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Global Studies and International Studies
Students advised for study away opportunities (2018-19)
Study away participation rate (2018-19, Athens, Undergraduate)
International students and scholars served (2018-19)
Active international alumni

Featured News

  • What faculty, staff and students need to know about travel to Cuba

    The U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control prohibits persons subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. from engaging in transactions in which Cuba or a national has interest.
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  • Presidential Global Engagement Fund applications due Jan. 31

    The Presidential Global Engagement Fund aims to increase to increase OHIO’s global engagement to advance academic excellence and innovation in regions of the world.
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