University Curriculum Council

The University Curriculum Council is the final recommending voice in curricular matters. Its recommendations go through the Provost to the President for final approval.


OCEAN 2.0 is now being used for all ICC submissions (course changes, new courses, course deletions). OCEAN 2.0 has a much improved user interface, but one that is very different from OCEAN 1.9. Training sessions are being prepared and will be announced here.

Please contact Hans Kruse ( ICC Chair, or Laura Tuck ( with any questions you might have.

OCEAN 2.0 Training Materials:

OCEAN 2.0 Training is by appointment
Contact Hans Kruse (

OCEAN (Ohio Curriculum Enhancement and Approval Network) for submission of Courses

OCEAN 1.9 for submission of new programs, program changes and program deletions.


OCEAN Review Levels (in order)

DSCC: Department/School Curriculum Committee (optional)
DCSD: Department Chair/School Director
CCC: College Curriculum Committee
CDEAN: College Dean
ICC: Individual Course Committee (courses only)
PC: Programs Committee (Programs only)
UCC: University Curriculum Committee


Applications for the Faculty Learning Communities are now being accepted. Information is available at:


University Curriculum Council Chairs and Staff

David Thomas, Chair;, (740)593-1323/(740) 593-2641
Hans Kruse, ICC Chair,, (740)-593-4891
Kelly Broughton, Programs Chair,, (740) 593-2709
David Ingram, Program Review Chair, (740) 593-1705
David Thomas, General Education Chair;, (740) 593-1323/(740)593-2641

Laura Tuck, Administrative Associate,
Alden Library 301g
(740) 593-2641
Monday - Thursday 8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.


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