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Learning Community Leader

The Learning Community Leader (LCL) position is a student leader position in the Office of First-Year and Student Transition (FYrST Office) within University College at Ohio University. LCLs support the Ohio University goal of Student Success and Transformation. LCLs support students of all races, classes, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, sizes, abilities, national origins, geographic regions, and a variety of other aspects surrounding identity on campus. Learning Community Programs is an equal access/equal opportunity and affirmative action employer with a strong commitment to building and maintaining a diverse workforce.

Within each learning community, up to 25 students are co-enrolled in a set of thematically linked courses. In and outside of the classroom, the LCL is charged with facilitating the students’ adjustment to Ohio University. They serve as a positive role model and resource for students throughout the semester. Through assisting the instructor in delivery of the course material, LCLs provide peer insights and coaching.

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Fall semester

Academic Credit

No academic credit. This is a paid position.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Compensation starting at $9.05/hour


Growing With Each Other

"Being a Learning Community Leader has helped me realize my passion for mentoring students that are going through a new experience. So far, I am grateful to have a learning community of students that are enthusiastic about growing with each other and succeeding in their academic careers. My favorite thing about my experience as a Learning Community Leader is the connection that I have made with the students so far and how the advice that I give my students will stay with them for the next 4 years and beyond."
- Dale Wilson

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