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Global Consulting Program

Students in the Global Consulting Program in France

Open to all undergraduate Ohio University students, the Global Consulting Program prepares you for the challenges of the global professional environment you will encounter upon graduation. By working in a cross-cultural consulting teams to solve authentic real world problems abroad, these 1- or 2-week programs take place in a variety of exciting locations, each with its own rich cultural heritage and unique opportunities for hands-on applied learning. While engaging with your student peers abroad as colleagues, classmates and friends, you will explore the distinctive and exciting culture of your chosen location. Most importantly, your experiences will have transformational impacts on not only your own growth and development, but also the lifelong network of global peers as well as the organizations and the communities in which you will serve. This is your chance to have Global Access with Global Impact.




Fall, Spring, Summer

Academic Credit

Students receive up to 9 credit hours for the program.

Cost & Scholarship Availability

Associated costs are provided on the program webpage linked below. Scholarships available, financial aid may be applied.


"The highlights of my experience were networking internationally and making lasting connections I will have for the rest of my life. In addition, I gained valuable presentation skills and learned about the duties of a consultant and the expectations globally." —Dolly Alm, Specialized Studies