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Recruitment Business Planning Project

Students from the MGT 3000 class pose for a photo.

During the course of the semester, students will have the opportunity to conduct real life human resources functions with our client. Students will complete Culinary Services’ orientation, meet with Culinary Services’ managers and executive team, tour Jefferson Market and Central Foods Facility, and participate in weekly recruiting events established by their team. 

Each week, students will meet with the student team during one of our scheduled class times. During that time, students will plan recruiting events, activities, promotions, presentations, speaking events and any other creative recruiting efforts in order to increase their applicants and employees. During the final presentation, students share their recruitment approaches, results and overall learnings with our live client.



Fall and Spring Semesters

Academic Credit

Students earn 3 credit hours taking MGT3300 – Human Resources Management.


First-Hand Human Resources Experience

“My favorite part about this experiential learning project was our ability to learn first-hand. The skills and knowledge we gained outside of the traditional academic classroom setting was a fantastic way see HR in a realistic way.”


-- Liz Dziubek, student

Liz Dziubek head shot.

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