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The Karol A. and Joann Ondick Engineering Ambassadors Program is one of the most visible aspects of the Russ College of Engineering and Technology.

Each year, a class of 20 students is selected – two students representing each academic department. These students are chosen to represent their engineering programs by Russ College faculty and staff, and other ambassadors.

The mutual benefit of the ambassador program is invaluable. Key duties include representing their respective departments, guiding prospective students on campus tours, performing service activities, and attending special events with alumni and corporations.

Through their responsibilities to the college, ambassadors establish a personal connection with alumni and visitors. Engineering ambassadors often serve as mentors and role models to other students, finding success in the classroom, in their student organizations, in their internships, and in their post-graduate careers.



Recruitment is in spring semester and the new Ambassadors start in the following fall semester.

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"Engineering Ambassadors has helped me build leadership skills among future engineers."
-- Danielle Klein

Danielle Klein Engineering Ambassador

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