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Welcome to Environmental Studies

At the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, this is what Environmental Studies looks like:

  • Studying global trends to support local action
  • Crossing disciplines to research the whole story
  • Learning by doing through hands on practicum partnerships, and
  • Working side by side with faculty and professional staff in the field

We're making the map, not just following it. From the computer lab to the greenhouse … From the creek bed to the boardroom … The Environmental Studies Program makes you part of the answer. Join us!

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Whitman stands next to one of the signs marking the Maromizaha forest boundary. The sign depicts a lemur of the species Indri indri, the largest remaining lemur species. Multiple groups of Indri live in the Maromizaha forest. Karie Whitman knew her professional development in Madagascar last summer was too fruitful to not return. However, she also knew she would need to find significant financial support for future research. Thanks to a Graduate Student Senate travel grant, she is one step closer to that goal. Read More

Dr. Geoffrey Dabelko, Professor and Director of the Environmental Studies Program at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, talks to Tom Hodson with WOUB regarding a a G-7 commissioned report on climate change and fragility risks he co-authored. Read More

The Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University invites applications from students with an interest in working on research related to the resilience of water management to climate impacts on tribal lands in the Western United States. Read More