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Haesun Park-Poaps

Haesun Park-Poaps
Associate Professor
Recreation, Sport Pedagogy, and Consumer Sciences
Patton Hall 202H

Dr. Haesun Park-Poaps received her M.S. degree in Business Economics of Clothing and Textiles from Virginia Tech and Ph.D. in Consumer and Textiles Sciences from The Ohio State University. Dr. Park-Poaps teaches courses in Retail and Fashion Merchandizing program. Her major research area is in social responsibility issues in the apparel and textile sector which include fair labor management, ethical supply chain, organic consumption, and counterfeit issues. Her work has been published in major journals such as Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, and Journal of Retail Distribution and Management

Research, Engagement, and Outreach interests: Social Responsibility in Apparel Industry; Fair Labor Management; Supply Chain Management; International Sourcing/Buying; Organic Consumption; Ethical Consumption.

Most Recent Publications:

Park-Poaps, H., Bari, M.S., & Sarker, Z.W. (2021). Bangladeshi clothing manufacturers' technology adoption in the global free trade environment. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 25(2), 354-370.

Bari, M. S., & Park-Poaps, H. (2020). The roles of supply chain management on competitive advantage: an empirical study in the Bangladeshi apparel sector. Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management, 11(4), 1-19.

Park-Poaps, H., & Kang, J. (2018). An experiment on counterfeit purchasing of non-luxury fashion products. Journal of Brand Management, 25(2), 1-12. 

Joung, H. & Park-Poaps, H. (2013). Factors motivating and influencing clothing disposal behavior. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 37(1), 105–111.

Kang, J. & Park-Poaps, H. (2011). Motivational antecedents of social shopping and its contribution to shopping satisfaction. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 29(4), 331 – 347.

Kang, J. & Park-Poaps, H. (2011). Social shopping for fashion: Development and validation of a multidimensional scale. Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 39(4), 339–358.

Park-Poaps, H. & Rees, K. (2010). Stakeholder forces of socially responsible global supply chain management. Journal of Business Ethics, 92(2), 305–322.

Park-Poaps, H. (2010). Public pressure against sweatshops as perceived by top-management of apparel and footwear companies. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 14(2), 300-311.

Kang, J. & Park-Poaps, H. (2010). Hedonic and utilitarian shopping motivations of fashion leadership. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 14(2), 312-328.