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Print-based education is a flexible, independent study option for students who do not have access to the Internet or prefer to learn from a distance. These courses are ideal for Correctional Education students or students who prefer correspondence courses. View the course list.

Print-Based Education Course Formats

Print-Based Courses
Ohio University faculty develop print-based courses (PBCs) using the same content they teach in the classroom. Students receive a course guide that helps the student understand the material and contains assignments. The student submits the assignments to the instructor for evaluation.

Course Credit by Examination
For course credit by examination (CCE), the student's grade in the course is based on a single examination. Students enrolled in CCEs receive a syllabus, and the student will need to prepare for the examination with no instructor assistance.

Special Projects
Special arrangements can sometimes be made for individualized courses called independent study projects. The instuctor and student agree on the textbook and assignments to be completed to meet the course requirements.

Experiential Learning Program
The Experiential Learning Program is for students who have work, volunteer, or other life experiences that appears to match an Ohio University course. The student will create a portfolio that a faculty member will evaluate to determine if the student should receive course credit.

Students may enroll in print-based education courses any time during the year. These courses do not follow the regular Ohio University academic calendar. View the Print-Based Education Course Formats page to learn more about these options.

To view the policies and procedures for print-based education, click HERE.

Application and Enrollment

You must be a current Ohio University student to enroll in courses. If you are not an Ohio University student, complete the eCampus Admission Application. Incarcerated students must complete a paper-based admission application. Visit the Correctional Education Admission page for more information.

View the course list. When you are ready to register, complete a course registration form.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Visit the Cost section to see tuition and fees associated with print-based education.

Financial aid generally covers the cost of tuition, textbooks, database fees, and technology fees for print-based education. If you indicate print-based education is part of the course enrollment plan, the financial award offer is adjusted to reflect the eligibility for print-based education courses. Please review the Financial Aid Information for Print-Based Courses.

Veterans Administration Educational Benefits

The Veterans Administration (VA) will not cover course credit by examination. The VA does not pay for housing or other expenses when a student is taking online or print-based courses from a distance. You will be reimbursed for tuition and fees only. Click HERE for more information.

Electronic Submission of Lessons

If you are allowed to submit an assignment electronically in a print-based course, there will be instructions for how to do so in your course guide.

Proctored Exams

If you reside near an Ohio University campus, you must take your examination with an examination proctor at the nearest campus. Alternate proctor sites, such as an accredited university or college, may be arranged in some circumstances. Ohio University reserves the right to reject a proposed examination supervisor. Learn more about proctored examinations.

Course Withdrawals

To withdraw from courses, complete the Withdrawal Form and return it to the eLearning office prior to the last date to drop the course(s). As a reminder, the last date to drop information is provided to all students upon enrollment in a print-based course and can be found on the getting started letter that accompanies the lesson cover forms for each course.

The completed form can be e-mailed to ecampus@ohio.edu, faxed to 740.593.2901, or mailed to:

eLearning OHIO
Haning Hall 102
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701