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Kim Ciroli

Kim Ciroli
Associate Professor of Instruction, Early Childhood and Elementary Education

MA, Elementary Reading, Nova Southeastern University

License in Early Education of the Handicapped, Ohio State University

BA, Elementary Education, Ohio University


  • EDEC 2500: Emergent Literacy
  • EDEC 3110: Teaching Reading Grades 1-3
  • EDEC 1600: Intro to Child Development
  • EDEC 1001: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • EDEC 3300: Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood P-3
  • EDEC 3610: Guidance and Classroom Management in Early Childhood
  • EDEC 3801: Play and Creativity in Early Childhood Education
  • EDTE 2010: Characteristics of the Exceptional Child
  • EDTE 3710: Instructional Adaptations for Early Childhood Learners with Exceptionalities and Diverse Needs
  • EDEC 4300: Observing and Assessing Children's Learning and Behavior