BSN Program Overview

The Ohio University School of Nursing traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) provides students with on-campus classroom lectures, simulation, and lab activities as well as clinical experiences. The BSN program (BS1221) is offered on the Athens, Chillicothe, Eastern, Southern, and Zanesville campuses with clinical experiences occurring in hospitals and clinics in the region. Please note that students selected for the BSN program will need to provide their own transportation to clinical sites, and some locations may be approximately an hour-long drive from campus.

Students seeking admission to the traditional BSN program, first apply to Ohio University as Pre-BSN majors (ND1220) and complete prerequisite courses. Acceptance into the Pre-BSN program is selective. During spring semester students meeting all requirements apply for consideration for selection to the BSN program (BS1221). Acceptance into the BSN program is selective. The selected group of students will have the opportunity to complete the final three years of the BSN program, graduate, and sit for the NCLEX licensing exam.

Laptop computers are required in the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and are used in the classroom, in nursing skill laboratories, and during simulation scenarios. BSN students also use laptops for secure testing via a secure testing platform. The minimum system operating requirements for both MAC and Windows laptops can be found at "Examplify Minimum System Requirements". iPads and other tablets are not supported by the School of Nursing at this time.

To be considered for selection into the BSN program, specified documents as determined by the School of Nursing must be in the student’s Application File in the respective School of Nursing office on the date/time indicated by each campus. The School of Nursing will provide information to students about all aspects of the selection process in a timely manner. 

Properly completed application files which meet the established requirements will be reviewed by a School of Nursing selection committee during spring semester. Final selection will occur after spring semester grades are released, and students will be notified of the committee’s decision as soon as all grades have been verified. The selected group of students will start the BSN program the following fall semester, complete the final three years of the BSN program, graduate, and sit for the NCLEX licensing exam.

The BSN program semester plan* is also available by clicking on the link below:

BSN Program Semester Plan with Credit and Clock Hours Distribution (PDF)

*Please consult a School of Nursing academic advisor with any questions regarding course selection to ensure that all School of Nursing BSN program requirements and Ohio University general education course requirements are being met.