Student Organizations

For students enrolled in the BSN programs on the regional campuses of Chillicothe, Southern or Zanesville, please contact your respective School of Nursing office for student organization opportunities available at your location.

Athens Campus BSN Student Organizations

BSN Student Organization (BSNO)

The Athens-based BSN Student Organization (BSNO) is open to all Athens Campus BSN students, and involvement is encouraged from those among all the class ranks (Freshmen to Senior). This student led organization is overseen by two elected faculty advisors who provide recommendation to services, agendas, and goals that are implemented campus wide. The BSN Organization is dedicated to taking the standards of care of nurse practice and applying them to our surrounding and distant communities. BSNO has been involved in service with Threads of Hope, Purple Gala, Bobcathan, Relay for Life, Community Donations, Alzheimer’s Association, Save a Child's Heart, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Food or Clothing Drives, and the American Red Cross to name a few.

BSNO’s mission is to continue to find outreach within service, community and donation alongside our future nurses.

Current BSNO Faculty Advisors:

Further information on joining the Athens Campus BSN Organization, can be found through searching “BSN Organization” on BobcatConnect.

Emergency Nursing Club

The Emergency Nursing Club seeks to broaden the students’ understanding of emergency nursing as a dynamic component of the acute care health delivery team and in which roles does the nurse function independently and collaboratively with the care team.

ENC has brought experts in the field of emergency medicine, to speak with students about their specific experience including flight nursing, EMT, and emergency nurse practitioners.

The learning experience delivered in Ohio University’s nursing program incorporates a diverse simulation experience. Emergency Nursing Club continues to create clinically-based simulations that provide students opportunities to use their lecture knowledge, clinical experience and critical thinking to promote best patient outcomes in a safe and controlled environment.

Further information on joining Emergency Nursing Club, can be found through searching “BSN Organization” on BobcatConnect.

Pediatrics Club

The Pediatrics Club is a newly formed collection of BSN students and faculty who are driven to the specialty of childhood care.

Expect to find more resources and information soon regarding this group!

Multicultural Nursing Student Association (MNSA)

The mission of MNSA is to unify nursing students through common interests and goals of academic success, professional awareness, and health promotion focusing on the unique needs of multicultural nursing students and the multicultural community as a whole.

For information regarding MNSA, please contact Logan Waldie ( or Alexandria Madry (