Points of Pride

Recent years have brought many changes and exciting opportunities for students and faculty in the Ohio University Hearing, Speech and Language Clinic. Graduate speech-language pathology and audiology students joined together to provide health care services for not only our community but also an underserved community in the heart of Africa! These opportunities provided meaningful experiences for our clinicians as well as needed services and education for communities.

Some of our recent highlights include:

  • Free speech and hearing screenings reached approximately 264 individuals on campus.
  • Free speech and hearing screenings in local schools served over 330 students in Southeast Ohio.
  • Botswana, Africa, Rehabilitation Service Experience: 9 HSLS graduate students participated in an educational experience that provided health care services to Batswana in the community resulting in the assessment and treatment of over 180 patients.
  • 4,043 individuals received various hearing, speech and language services offered through the clinic. 55% of those individuals are Medicaid eligible recipients who would otherwise not have access to needed services within the community.
  • Established as a diverse regional resource for transgender individuals seeking therapy in voice and interpersonal communication.