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Technology Enhanced Language Teaching (TELT) Module

The TELT module provides a solid foundation in the use of technology applied to language learning and teaching for those who intend to work as teachers, administrators, or developers. It is also useful for those who wish to further their education in an area related to linguistics and/or technology.

The program requires four courses, including three from the TELT series and one course that serves to establish a foundation in linguistics. This can be arranged to either focus on second language acquisition (SLA) or teaching methods.

The TELT series of courses include a combination of theory, research, and practice and include the following required courses:

  • LING 4510 Technology Enhanced Language Teaching I (Intro to TELT)
  • LING 4520 Technology Enhanced Language Teaching II (Course/material development)
  • LING 4921 TELT Teaching Practicum

The non-TELT Linguistics courses that are included in the program include (choose one):

  • LING 4750 Theories of Language Learning
  • LING 4800 Methods & Materials

Course Schedule


LING 4510 Technology Enhanced Language Teaching I: Are you ready to explore the amazing world of computers and technologies in language teaching? TELT I is designed to train future language teachers to integrate technology into their language teaching to foster engaged classroom environments and to help them be equipped with essential technological tools. This course explores key terms and concepts related to computer-assisted language learning, a range of technology-assisted language learning tools, and practical considerations of how to use technology for teaching regarding various language skills.


LING 4520 Technology Enhanced Language Teaching II: TELT II is a project-based course that emphasizes instructional design approaches to the development of online and hybrid courses that focus on student engagement, creativity, digital citizenship and digital age learning experiences. Students are guided through the process of conducting needs analyses, defining course goals and objectives, and designing activities and course materials. The course will also discuss various models of online delivery, content organization and presentation, and digital ethics issues.

LING 4921 TELT Teaching Practicum: This course provides students with supervised opportunities to develop teaching materials and to assist with online instruction for teacher training for international faculty. Students will apply practices related to language teaching methods, materials design, and computer assisted language learning. They will also be responsible for creating instructional materials and environments used in the practicum. Students will have opportunities to focus on a variety of teaching methods and English language skills, including writing for academic purposes, English as a medium of instruction (EMI), pronunciation, and other foci as appropriate.