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Graduate Teaching Assistantships in Geological Sciences

Geological Sciences

General Information

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TAs) are awarded to both incoming and second-year graduate students each academic year and carry an approximate 9-month stipend. Although incoming students are typically awarded two years of support, satisfactory academic and teaching performance are required for renewal of the assistantship each semester. Because students are expected to finish the M.S. program within two academic years, they are typically not awarded a TA during their third year. 

Assistantship Appointments

Because the university funds assigned to stipends are limited, Graduate Teaching Assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis. Applicants with stronger recommendations and academic records are normally given preference in selection of candidates. Application for a TA is made at the same time as application for admission. Departmental deadlines for appointments and acceptances are consistent with those of the College of Arts & Sciences. Applications for contract appointments should be received by the Graduate College by Feb. 1. Insofar as possible, notification of appointment will be made by March 15. Acceptance given or left in force after April 15 commits the student not to accept another appointment without first obtaining formal release for that purpose. The same deadlines apply for renewal or non-renewal of contract appointments.

Tuition Remission

A graduate student holding a full Graduate Teaching Assistantship is awarded up to 18 credit hours tuition remission per term in the form of a Graduate Tuition Scholarship. Tuition scholarships may not be used to cover courses taken for Audit, OPIE, or undergraduate courses. This scholarship does not relieve the student of payment of the various University general fees.

Assistantship Workload

As noted in the Graduate College Handbook (November, 2011), service rendered to the department will not exceed 20 hours per week during the each semester. Duties of the contract appointee may include instruction of introductory laboratories, assistance in undergraduate major courses and laboratories, proctoring of examinations, driving on field trips, and limited assistance during periods of student registration and final examinations. In certain instances, a contract appointee may be given full responsibility for the instruction of an undergraduate course.

Course Workload

The maximum number of graduate credit hours to be carried by a Graduate Teaching Assistantship during one term is 18 hours. Graduate Teaching Assistants must register for a minimum of 18 credit hours during every term in which the assistantship is held, and 9 hours of credit during the summer. Two courses per semester during the first three semesters (fall, spring, fall), plus thesis research, is a typical course load. Exceptions may be made for those students who have completed their residence requirements. The final semester at Ohio University is typically devoted to finishing and defending thesis research.

Fulfillment of Teaching Obligations

Graduate Teaching Assistants are expected to fulfill their assigned obligations in a competent and professional manner. Assistants are advised to keep their supervisors (the Instructor of Record for the course, the Head Teaching Assistant, and the Graduate Chair) informed of the progress of their duties and of attendant problems. Students not performing their teaching duties satisfactorily will be warned initially, and if no improvement is observed afterward, their appointment will be reviewed by their supervisor and the department, and the teaching assistantship may be terminated.

Maintaining Academic Standing

Graduate students are expected to maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on their graduate coursework during their tenure as Graduate Teaching Assistant. (See also Degree Requirements and General Regulations). Students falling below this average may be placed on one term's probation. If, during the following term significant improvement is not demonstrated, the funding will normally be withdrawn. In cases of extremely poor academic performance during any given term, funding may be terminated immediately without the institution of a probation period.

Renewal of Assistantships

All funded students will be reviewed at the conclusion of each academic term with regard to their academic performance and the quality of their work as assistants. The department will recommend reappointment from these considerations. Any graduate student who performance is satisfactory in both academic work and teaching obligations can expect to retain his or her appointment for a second year. Students will receive TA support for more than two years only in exceptional circumstances and if extra funds are available, and no more than three years as dictated by the College of Arts & Sciences. Students who wish to terminate their teaching assistantship should notify their thesis adviser and the Graduate Chair of the department in writing immediately.